Your Essential Guide to Exhibition Stands

Looking to increase your sales leads and make a phenomenal impression at your next trade show? Not sure what exhibition stand is right for you? This guide will cover three of the best exhibition stands for companies looking to stand out from the crowd, whether you are looking to blow the budget or not:

Custom Built Stands

If you have got a large budget and you’re looking to make an impact, nothing beats a custom built exhibition stand. Built around your company’s brand identity, they represent you as a brand and will help you stand out from your competitors at a crowded exhibition.

A custom displays can be just about any shape or size you require, in order to fully represent you as a business. If you carpinterĂ­a de madera are launching a particular product, stands that depict them are a great way to reinforce your message, and stick in your customers’ minds.

Modular Exhibition Stands

Modular stands offer the same look and feel as a custom display stand, with added flexibility. You can reconfigure and rebuild a modular stand time and time again. If you only have a minimal budget, you can opt for a smaller design, and add sections as your business and budget grows.

Whatever the size available to you at an exhibition, you can rebuild your stand to fit the space. Another added benefit of modular stands is they are extremely easy to take down and transport to another exhibition. The small sections mean that if one gets damaged in transit, there is no need to replace the entire stand.

Portable Exhibition Stands

If you have not got as much money at your disposal, you could chose from a range of portable stands including; pop-ups, banner stands and panel systems. Ready to use either on their own or as part of a greater exhibition, portable stands are a great way of showcasing your corporate identity.

Generally, portable displays are quick and easy to assemble, but still provide an effective and eye-catching display. Reusable and portable, these display stands are a cost-effective solution that will guarantee you maximum visibility at any trade show.

If you are promoting a product or just your business, you want to make sure your target audience is visiting your exhibition stand, and not your competitors. Getting the right stand for your promotions will dictate the return on investment so your stand choice is important. Whatever your budget, you can be sure to create a huge buzz by investing in the right exhibition stand.


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