Missing Discontinued Perfumes

Choosing a perfume varies from one person to another. It depends upon the level of pH that will find out on how a specific perfume will interact with the skin’s usual scent and releasing of fragrance. With this basis, it is normal for you to try different perfumes and finds out what smell did you largely enjoy.

Some factors to consider in choosing the right perfume; Test one fragrance at a time, trying a couple of perfumes will mix up scents that may affect your decisions on which to choose; when putting on the perfume, don’t rub it on the skin. Let the fragrance stand for at least 15 minutes and let it react with your skin; During winter, select a perfume with an intense smell, because the lowering of temperature may affect to decrease the strength of the smell; Dry skin needs much perfume compared to those oily skins; For the utmost effect, apply the fragrance on your wrist.

Tips on Wearing Discontinued Perfumes

There are some of the discontinued perfumes that standstill in the forms of oil. You can experiment mixing the oil form in a smell-like perfume to produce the fragrance of the discontinued perfume that you like.

Did you hear about perfume imitations? There are company’s that purchases some discontinued formulas for them to formulate and market it with a slight difference with the name. Then, the price per bottle is very much cheaper than the original make my scent singapore brand. Anyway, were paying for the product and for the brand, still the scent wont last longer compared with the original brands. In one way or another, you can still consider wearing it.

If you cannot find a nearly the same fragrance of your desired discontinued perfume, make your own by mixing altogether the oils and the fragrance. For that, you’ll have your personalized perfume that you can use forever.

Know the Procedures behind Perfumes

Four groups of basic ingredients of a perfume:

Primary scents – this is the most important ingredient because this is the one who identifies the perfume itself. E.g. “lavender”; this is the mixture of roses and lavender for an enhanced flowery scent of the perfume.

Modifiers – these were added for the modification of the primary scent. E.g. modifier fruit essence added to the primary which is floral, you can obtain a fruity floral fragrance.

Blenders – these acts as a mixer of the perfumes variety ingredients.

Fixatives – this is where the implementation and assistance of the primary scent.


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