Sony Ericsson K530i With 3G and GPS – Informed Communication

Every so often, and more so these days, a new technology is introduced into the mobile industry that not only gets the manufacturers busy developing but the mobile enthusiasts excited.

Sony Ericsson have been responsible for many of these new innovations with their most famous being the introduction of Walkman software into their mobile devices meaning there was no longer a need to carry two electronic items with you for calls and listening to music.

Mobile manufacturers are constantly striving to negate the need to leave the house with any number of separate devices such as MP3 Players, FM Radios, and Digital Cameras.

The manufacturers latest innovative addition is a GPS technology small enough to be installed either into or onto mobile phones and acting as a satellite navigation system.

The first of the mobile phones to feature this new application is the Sony Ericsson K530i.

Users can now turn their mobile phone into a Sat-Nav system for way finding, journey planning and route mapping just as a driver would with a standalone system in a car. The software can be personalised as with other high-specification GPS systems to plot favourite places, places of interest, petrol station locations, restaurants, cinemas and important landmarks.
Once the GPS enabler HGE-100 is plugged into the phone it acts exactly as a standalone GPS Navigator would and even offers voice commands.

The Sony K530i is also 3G enabled allowing fast broadband speed access to news and sports updates, weather reports, new movie trailers and the latest music videos. 3G also facilitates fast download 텍사스홀덤 speeds of new mobile content including new ringtones, games, themes, wallpapers and music tracks.

The Sony Ericsson K530i offers a 2.0 megapixel camera with flash, zoom and video support plus a secondary VGA camera on the front of the handset for video calling so a user can have a real time conversation whilst seeing the person on screen.
There is also the option to picture blog so that users can share their experiences and moments with family and friends via there own picture blogging site accessed either from other mobile phones or direct through the internet.

Other features include an MP3 Player with the option to create playlists to suit the mood using music tracks and albums either uploaded from a PC via USB or downloaded direct from the mobile internet over 3G, there is also an FM Radio with TrackID for tuning into local and national stations and on-screen display of the current song and artist name so that a user can proceed to buy the track.

3G services also allow for fast email access so the K530i can also be a useful business tool, the user could plot a course before leaving the office, get travel updates on the FM radio and even make a video calls at the destination to show the office the surrounding location.


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