Facebook Video Downloader: How to Convert Videos For Facebook

Facebook Video Downloader is a very popular application that allows you to download the most popular video sharing sites such as YouTube and Metacafe. You can synchronize your media files from your mobile phone or iPod to your PC using the Facebook Video Downloader. The main benefit of this application is its capability to convert any video file into a regular JPEG file. It also provides automatic synchronization between multiple social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace. As an added advantage, it will also compress your video files to decrease bandwidth usage.

Facebook Video Downloader works on Mac OS X Snow Leopard and later and can be downloaded from the official website. It is a Free app and requires no additional plug-ins or downloads. Just like many other similar free apps, it allows users to easily start the conversion process from their desktop computer. After the conversion is complete, the converted file can be directly emailed to any mobile device such as iPhone or iPod Touch.

Unlike the regular version, the “free” version provides a limited number of video file conversions. You can only download one video at a time while using the regular version. However, you can Download video facebook always use the “paid” service, which offers unlimited downloads of the most popular videos.

Facebook Video Downloader is also useful for uploading the latest video files from your camera or mobile phone. You can easily upload your latest family pictures or your vacation photos to share with friends and family. The application also converts the normal video file to a small one that can be easily uploaded to the internet. This application comes with easy user instructions so that you can start converting your videos in a jpeg format in a few minutes. You can also create the thumbnail images of the converted video files. The conversion is very simple and hassle free.

In addition, Facebook Video Downloader also allows you to burn video files from your mobile phone or digital camera to DVD. You can also set up to 4 separate profiles and allow each user to have their own video files. Once you start downloading or burning audio files, you can share them with your friends. Moreover, you can also set up to 10 profiles for your business or personal uses and thus enable multiple users to share the same video files.

In order to convert the video files into the small jpeg format, the application has an inbuilt compressor that enables you to compress the size of the video. Furthermore, it also has an additional feature which allows you to edit the video. You can rotate, flip, or reduce the size of the video as per your requirements. The last, but not the least, you can also save the converted video files on external storage devices like hard drive or DVD.


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