Cherry Juice For Health

Cherries have been all time favorites from time immemorial. Their attractive red color and their pungent flavor have really stolen the hearts of people the world over and many years ago the cherry always adorned the dining tables of the Greek, Chinese and Roman noblemen. Way back in the in the 1600s, cherries were brought to America by settlers and soon even the cherry juice started becoming a hot favorite.

7 Impressive Health Benefits of Cherries

As per studies conducted in many universities, the juice of the cherry has many health benefits. It is well known for soothing the muscles in the body that have become sore with physical exercise. Cherries also contain antioxidants that are extremely efficient in giving you restful sleep.

Cherries, more specifically tart cherry juice, are very effective in relieving pain and inflammation that you suffer from arthritis, gout, muscle soreness etc. The strong antioxidants called anthocyanins that is found in the cherry is responsible for giving the cherry its lovely red hue. In fact these anthocyanins are what reduce the inflammation in the body.

Basically there are two types of cherries; the sweet cherry and the tart cherry. Both types contain anthocyanins and they are both more or less beneficial in similar ways, though the tart cherries contain more phenolics and anthocyanins than sweet cherries and are more easily available in concentrated and capsule forms. Both types of cherry juices are readily available at the local super markets and health food stores trĂ¡i cherry.

Another advantage if cherry juice is its capabilities to lessen symptoms of gout, which is another form of arthritis that most usually affects the big toe or the foot. Gout can practically incapacitate a person. In spite of the fact that changes in our food intake is absolutely necessary when you have gout, one ounce of concentrated cherry juice three to four times a day when pain was intolerable will considerably reduce the pain that you suffer. Once the symptoms are better, you can reduce the intake to one ounce a day till you taper it off. With the juice of the cherry tasting so good, what better alternative can you ask for?


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