Save Gas and Money With the PLX Kiwi – The New Green Gas Saver Device

At First Glance…
It looks like your daughter’s Iphone or Sidekick laying around. But, this little device turns out to be so much more! The PLX Kiwi device, technology developed in Silicon Valley, helps you to drive more efficiently. Sure, your dashboard most likely contains an LED screen detailing your MPG reading (or, maybe it doesn’t), but the Kiwi (named after the green fruit because it is a green, energy-saving device) maximizes this feature to its fullest potential.

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Quite user friendly,
all you have to do is plug it underneath your dash, behind your steering column in a place where there’s a plug-in with holes in it. This is where the Kiwi gets its power from as well as its data. The process takes only seconds to install and Kiwi works with any vehicle from 1996 and up. It also is compatible with not just gasoline, but alternate fuels like Diesel, Ethanol, E85, CNG, Methanol, and LPG. Once mounted on the dash or windshield, Kiwi’s Drive Green feature works like a game. Your ultimate goal is to obtain the highest “Kiwi Score” (watch out video game fans!). In doing so, your MPG will be maximized.

Let’s say you drive for ten minutes with the Kiwi installed…
It monitors how you drove and tells you if you passed or failed with scores ranging from zero to 100 quả kiwi. As you become more familiar with Kiwi, you’ll improve your skills how to drive your vehicle greener. Daily, Kiwi will show you how much money on gas you saved compared to the last trip you saved with Kiwi installed. Over time, you can keep track of hundreds of dollars saved throughout the year. There is also a main feature of Kiwi where it can just monitor your acceleration and deceleration, thereby giving you a general Kiwi score to show you how much you’re saving. But the Drive Green feature is more fun and competitive, with a series of different levels. Have fun…while driving?

Apparently that’s not all.
Navigate through the colorful menu system to view Kiwi’s MANY features. Kiwi can display your vehicle’s MPG in far more detail than your vehicle can, as well as diagnose check engine light warnings and give you other engine data. For instance, it will tell you what the code is and what your engine check means, such as if you need an oil change. Imagine saving a few bucks not having to get the mechanic to do that. Does it cook dinner and change the baby too (No? Darn.)?

Green Features:
Using the PLX Kiwi daily will also reduce your carbon dioxide footprint by 2 tons per year — the equivalent to changing 500 regular light bulbs to energy saving bulbs in your home. In the average household, your vehicle is the primary contributor to the global warming gas, carbon dioxide. An average new 4-door sedan driving 15,000 miles per year produces about nine tons of CO2. To put it into perspective: an adult African elephant weighs six tons. By using Kiwi and driving “greener” you will prevent about 2 tons of CO2 from being emitted into the atmosphere.

Apparently, driving more efficiently may mean having to drive a bit slower. For those speed-demons out there, this may be a rude awakening, but one that your wallet will thank you for. Did you know that if you drove 55 miles per hour versus 80 mph you would save 20 percent of your gasoline expenditures? According to efficient, sensible driving and observing the speed limit can improve your fuel efficiency by up to 33%. Aggressive driving such as rapid acceleration, exceeding the speed limit, and heavy braking, wastes gas. The PLX Kiwi helps to remind you not to drive like a lead-foot.

All In All…
The PLX Kiwi sounds like technology that will help the environment as well as your pockets. At a price tag of approximately $300, the average standard car owner can expect to save about $600 a year in fuel. For SUV or truck owners, the estimate is about $800 a year. But that’s the average. The challenge is to see if you can get a perfect Kiwi score and raise those savings numbers get even higher. All in all, a green product that’s a win-win for yourself and the planet isn’t bad.


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