The Timex Ironman Watch Interval Timer – Great For Rep Training And House Cleaning

The timex ironman watch “interval timer” mode is not available in all ironman watches. I will present a list of watches that include this feature when I find time, but needless to say, if your ironman watch does not include this feature you can ignore this article completely.

I consider interval timer mode one of the more complicated features offered by the ironman line. Despite that timex designers have made it as simple as humanely possible. But if you take time to learn how to set up interval timer mode, there are some great benefits when it comes to activities like (but not limited to) interval training.

Here I give you a brief instruction on how patek philippe hk to set up and interval training mode.

Please note: I attempt to keep this information as general as possible, but there are many timex ironman watch models on the market so this information might not apply precisely to all models out there. I do believe that the interval timer function works in a similar way in all ironman watches that offer this feature and what I say here will apply in most cases.

With that out of the way, let’s get into it..

Interval timers are a sequence of linked countdown timers. When one countdown interval timer interval ends, an alert sounds and the next interval starts.

First, to get into interval timer mode, press the mode button repeatedly until the words “interval timer” are displayed on the screen.

Depending on your particular watch model you will have a number of timers available to be set. My timex datalink watch has 10 slots, but I have a feeling 10 is on the higher end. You may have a different numbers of slots available to you.

When selecting a fresh interval timer mode, int 1 will be displayed.

You may cycle through timers using stop/reset (-) or start/split (+).
I cannot display pictures here, but you can view a diagram of the standard ironman watch buttons by following the link in my signature.

Press next to set a timer. The value of the timer should flash.

While the number is flashing, pressing next again will cycle through units (hours, minutes, seconds), stop/reset (-) or start/split (+) will change the value (up or down) of the particular unit you are on.

When you are done setting the time period, press next again and you will be prompted on what to do at the end of the current interval.

Standard options are: “stop at end” (the session finishes when all timers expire) and “repeat at end” (when the last interval timer has stopped, the first one is started again. This pattern will be repeated over and over)

again stop/reset (-) or start/split (+) will toggle between options.

When you are done, press done to confirm and exit.

Now press start/split (+) to go to int 2 and set the next interval if you so wish.


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