The Top Three Reasons to Study Abroad in Japan

If you are planning a trip to Japan and want to explore the many attractions there, why not think about a study abroad program in Japan? Japan is a great place to study abroad in for two reasons. First of all, it is a great place to live. The climate is tropical with warm summers and cool winters, making living in Japan a great experience. Another reason to choose to study in Japan is the language barrier. Japanese is spoken almost everywhere, so you will be surrounded by people speaking the language throughout your stay.

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When I studied abroad in Japan, my parents encouraged me to learn Japanese so that I would have better communication skills once I got back home. This was true. However, learning the Japanese language skills also helped me to develop my own sense of culture. Since most Japanese speak English as a first language, you will be surrounded by people who speak English also.

One of the major reasons to study abroad in Japan is that you will have access to a huge variety of interesting places to see while you are in Japan. Tokyo, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, is right on your doorstep. Many international students who study abroad in Japan like to spend part of their time walking around the Imperial palace xem them. You can also visit ago, which is Japan’s largest island. This is a great experience if you love water.

The other major reason to study abroad in Japan is the fact that you can save a lot of money during your stay there. Since the exchange rate between the dollar and the Japanese yen is pretty strong, it is cheaper to spend your money on Japanese lessons than it is on a vacation in Tokyo. If you decide to take a job in Tokyo, you will also be able to save a good amount of money because you will not need to pay any kind of taxes or apply for a work visa when you get home. If you study the Japanese language while you are there, you will be eligible to apply for some of the numerous scholarships and financial aid programs offered by the Japanese government. Financial aid is usually available for undergraduate and graduate students, but there are some private companies that offer financial support to their employees as well.

The third major reason to consider a study abroad program in Japan is because of the amazing people you will meet. When you study the Japanese language, you will come across many native speaking people who will warmly welcome you and educate you on their unique culture. A large number of international students find that they make lasting friendships with the people they are in class and the city becomes a fun place to be. Many students who study abroad programs in Japan end up taking a year off and finding life revolves around the campus more than their home back home.

For these three major reasons, it is very easy to see why more people are now considering a study abroad program in Japan. When looking to take a program in Japan, it is important that you do all the research you can so that you know what to expect and how much you will need to spend on the trip. You can check with your high school or college regarding the specific requirements for a Japanese class. Most importantly, if you have an interest in the Japanese language and culture, then you should seriously consider taking a program in Japan so that you can have a deeper understanding of both.


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