4 Secret Desirable Traits of a Fairy

A woman’s dream is to be treated like a fairy. However, unfortunately, this dream never comes true. She doesn’t get the consequences which she seeks in her heart. Her husband overlooks her importance and takes her for granted.

It’s difficult to keep yourself like a fairy in marital life but not impossible. If you learn the 4 secrets desirable traits of a fairy, then you can make your husband worship you and set your life’s journey in a pleasant manner. You can have a special significance in your man’s heart. Here, I am revealing 4 secret desirable traits that can help you to become a fairy for others and fill your life with happiness.

Stay in Pleasant Energy

Fairies always stay in a pleasant energy. There is a unique pleasant energy surrounding them that attract others. Others begin to feel pleasant too and attempt to have that kind of energy again and again Language of desire.

It’s in a man’s nature to take the impact from his environment. So, when he sees you sad, he becomes sad too. And, when he sees you happy, he begins to feel happy too.

That’s why, it’s highly necessary for you to be in a pleasant state. If you are in pleasant state, you’ll make others feel happy. Your pleasant energy will transform their energy into your energy. Others will feel a unique energy about you and do everything in their power to spend time with you.

It’s a human psychology. Learn to take advantage of it. In social gatherings, think about those things which make your heart sing for increasing your pleasant energy. Make your personality attractive, wear bright colored dresses, and take full advantage of the power of your smile. Because, for being a fairy, you have to show your pleasant state and make others feel your energy.

A Winning Formula

Do you know that fairies have a winning formula which they use to get people under their charm? If you don’t know, then you should know that fairy tales writers, especially, use a winning formula constantly in their stories and movies for making the fairies desirable.

This winning formula is called “CURIOSITY”.

Writers use curiosity very efficiently in fairy tales; they keep their audience curious and pleasant. The curiosity compels their audience to love fairies again and again.

In movies, fairies keep themselves curious through many ways. For example: They never fully reveal their secrets, or private life, and keep a mystery about them. In a way, they give people a unique and pleasant experience by revealing their secrets one by one in order to stay connected with them on an emotional level.

Like fairies, you can also keep people curious about you in substantial ways and make yourself attractive. You can make people curious through your habits, lifestyle, hobbies, or daily routines etc. I’ll give an example here: Most women don’t have an interest in horse riding. But, if you love horse riding, you should become an expert horse rider. And, when a good time comes, reveal your horse riding skill and surprise others.

This hobby is unique and pleasant for a normal man. He’ll keep on thinking about you and try to figure out your more secrets with curiosity. This curiosity will keep him interested in you and make him fall in love with you more and more.

So remember, to become a desirable fairy, you need to use the power of curiosity in the best ways. Because, curiosity is the only winning formula that not only helps in your life but also keep your man faithful to you in the marital life.

Attractive Style

Your personality style reflects your true identity. If your style is good, you’ll cast a charming spell on every man. However, if your style is average, it would be very difficult for you to have a place in a man’s heart.

In order to look like a fairy, you need to adopt the attractive style of fairies. Because, fairies’ styles are very unique and desirable. They are by far the best in their personalities. If you ever notice fairies carefully in movies, and cartoons, you’ll figure out many new things about their personalities. For example:

a) Fairies use slow body language. They speak slowly, they move slowly, and they breathe slowly. Their slow body language reflects them cool, calm, and collected. In addition, slow body language makes them unique and different from other human beings. That’s why, we always feel that they are the most beautiful, different, and special creature. And, we love them.

b) There is a balance between seriousness and playfulness in their personalities, because of which they always create mystery and wonderment for others. This wonderful combination – seriousness and playfulness – makes them desirable for everyone. Furthermore, this combination reflects authority, loveliness, and mystery in their personality and make their style more attractive.


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