Discount Diamond Rings – How to Get Her the Ring She Deserves at a Price You Do

The economy may be soft, but millions of men every year still want to give their girlfriends diamond engagement rings. The problem is the aforementioned economy. Diamond rings can extremely expensive, especially at mall Jewelry stores, and if your girlfriend has expensive tastes, you could be in for a maxed out credit card in your quest to get her the ring she has her heart set on. There are places where you can get discount diamond rings, but how do the less expensive diamonds stack up against rings found at the big boys in the mall?

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Actually, you can get some fantastic bargains in rings, if you know what to shop for and how to shop. Those mall stores have the deck stacked against them. Their overhead is high, because they are most likely part of a large corporation that has plenty of administrative and marketing cost that gets passed along to the stores. In addition, they are locked into some of the most expensive retail real estate you can find. Those high corporate overhead and real estate costs necessarily get passed along to you, the customer.

So, one strategy to get a discount on your ring is to stay far away form the mall jewelery stores nhẫn mỹ giá bao nhiêu. That’s no problem. How do you think your grandfather got that stellar rock on your grandmother’s finger? They didn’t have malls back in the day, and he still managed just fine. You can find much better bargains either online, or at smaller independent jewelers. You’re also more likely to get personal service and negotiate a great deal at a local independent than you would be at a large corporate mall jeweler. Some of them are pretty good sized and have excellent selections. Same with some of the online vendors. They have great reputations and have huge selections and very low prices.

Here is another hot tip on how to get a diamond ring at a solid discount; buy one at just under the carat break. That means if you buy a .95 carat diamond, you’ll get a healthy discount over buying a full carat stone. It’s a great deal for you because 99% of the folks you’ll meet will never be able to tell the difference in size between a 1 carat diamond and a .95 carat one. The same goes for a 2 carat diamond. Buy one at 1.95 or 1.97 carats. It will still be a huge, beautiful piece of carbon, but you’ll save a bundle on it.

Those are two really great ways to get discount diamond rings, but there are many more powerful, and easy to implement (no flying to South Africa or anything like that) strategies that can help you save money on diamonds. You’ll be able to get your girlfriend the diamond she wants, but not have to sell your car to do it.


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