What Dog Owners Need to Know About the Hazards of Dog Waste

All dog owners should know the hazards of dog waste. And with all the dogs that are in this country, the problem could get out of hand if dog owners are not responsible.

Dog poop that is not picked up poses more problems than just the ground it is sitting on.

This article gives basic information on the hazards of that waste helpingtutor.com/.

Dog waste is a common carrier of the following: tapeworms, roundworms, parvo, hookworm, salmonellosis, and whipworm. These parasites can linger in your lawn for years and can be carried into your home from either your pet, children that have played in the yard, walking barefoot and gardening. Infections from these bugs can cause fever, muscle aches, headache, vomiting, and diarrhea in humans. Since children often play in the dirt and put things in their mouths or eyes, they seem to be the most vulnerable.

A great idea to avoid this would be to clean the dog poop up on a regular basis. Either by the dog owner, or now with a professional service. Dog waste removal services have sprung up all over the country Pet Waste Service Michigan. So, if you do not like this chore, then it would be wise to contact a service in your area.

A misconception people have is that doggie poo is a fertilizer. This is not true. And left on the ground, the rain will will eventually carry dog waste to our waterways. The EPA says that the dog poop carries nutrients for weeds and algae to grow. These will overtake the water and limit the amount of light getting into the water’s surface. Oxygen levels decrease and the fish and seafood can be asphyxiated networkermind.com/.

In some towns, there are fines associated with not scooping the poop and disposing of it properly. So when your walking your pooch, take a bag with you and place it in the proper recepticle.


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