Overview of CCTV Cameras

Commonly known as CCTV cameras, closed circuit television cameras have the ability to transmit a video signal to a specific location. It can display the recorded data on one or more monitors.

CCTV cameras work in a different manner than broadcast television. This is because they do not transmit the signals openly. On the contrary the signals are transmitted using point to point wireless links in CCTV cameras. These cameras are most commonly used for surveillance purposes in places that need to be monitored. Most common places where you will be able to find such cameras are banks, jails, government buildings, military installations, airports and even ordinary convenience stores. Many home owners also incorporate the use of CCTV cameras in their homes for security purposes.

In recent years the use of CCTV cameras has increased in public areas. This has given rise to many debates as some feel that such constant surveillance is a breach of the public’s privacy.

Today consumer CCTV systems are widely available for sale. These are bought for commercial, personal and private use. The technology of these cameras continues to advance at a rapid rate. Today you will be able to find high performance such cameras that utilize Digital Video Recorders. Using this technology the cameras can actually record years of footage. The plethora of choices available in the surveillance camera market varies in terms of their features and the quality of picture that they are able to offer. Some of the advanced features include motion detection and some CCTV cameras will even be able to send you email alerts.

Uses of CCTV cameras

CCTV cameras are used for different purposes in different settings. You will find industrial plants to be making use of these cameras for observational purposes. This allows them to monitor operational processes from a control room where the recorded data is being displayed on monitors.

Most commonly though, CCTV cameras are used for crime prevention purposes. You will find banks and government facilities to incorporate the use of these cameras to enhance security. Initially they were employed on a trial basis and turned out to be highly successful. It was post 1994 that CCTV cameras became extremely popular. Today you will be able to find these cameras incorporated into many city centers, gas stations, shopping malls, estates, general stores, parking lots and what not.

These cameras have also been incorporated for traffic monitoring purposes. Highways and motorways are spanned with these cameras as they form part of a highly sophisticated traffic monitoring system. They provide excellent video proof in cases of traffic accidents and congestion. These cameras have the ability to automatically read the number plates of the cars passing by thereby enabling the authorities to catch those responsible for wreaking havoc on the streets.


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