Nursing Assistant Jobs – Good Employment and Career Prospects

The manner of employing registered nurses today has become a highly preferential practice. This is concurrent with the tendency for more nursing assistant jobs to be available on the job market.

Why is the situation like that?

The immediate reason is that fewer nurses are being hired today and the standards for hiring have become more stringent. That is in line with the effort of hospitals to limit their expenditures for wages. Specialization in nursing has become a major requirement. Fresh graduates are often turned away in favor of nursing aides for nursing assistant jobs. That is because the more common tasks of nursing have been relegated to these aides. At the same time, the training course for aides has been upgraded to make them more capable of their duties.

A major sector in society which is referred to as the baby boomers has started to become senior citizens. The youngest of that group are now in their 50’s. Baby boomers were born between the last few years of the 1940’s through the early years of the 1960’s. That was the time after the 2nd World War when birth rates increased. By today, many baby boomers have aged well into their 60’s and that partially accounts for the many nursing assistant jobs today.

That demand will go on well into the 2nd decade of this century

The oldest baby boomers are now 60 years old or older. That is witnessed by the growing number of elderly people today. The same fact accounts for the many health care professionals employed in both the private and the public sectors of society. The tendency will continue for ten more years until 2020 when all baby boomers will have become senior citizens…and then some.

Employment is easy if you’re a nursing aide

Nursing assistant jobs are among the best services that anyone should be training for. Therefore, if you feel that you would like to become a nursing aide and you think you have what it will take in terms of personality and personal habits, you should train to become one.

Your different work setting options in nursing assistant jobs

Because they are more economical to hire than private nurses and will be able to meet any patient’s health care needs, nursing aides enjoy an edge over certified nurses in terms of job private nursing agency versatility. They are given preference over new graduates in many instances because they can be fully functional upon starting work, unlike new nurses who have more specialized roles and will need to undergo in-job training. Also, because they are less costly to hire, private individuals often prefer to get nursing aides instead of nurses to care for their debilitated and elderly.

Advancements in career

If you are under the impression that a nursing aide stays a nursing aide; feeds and bathes patients and takes their temperature forever, you need to disillusion yourself.

Many nursing aides have successfully moved on from nursing assistant jobs to become nurses, even nurses with a specialization. That is because the orientation period that is usually given to new nursing graduates is already part of the job of nursing aides. That means that the minute they graduate they can be hired as regular employees instead of probational trainees. All the training they would have had to undergo was already availed of when they were working as aides.


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