Samsung Cellular Phone – Let Me Show You Where You Can Get Them At Deep Discount

So you want a Samsung cellular phone and you want a good deal, but where do you get that?

There is one place I know of that will sell you a Samsung cellular phone at a deep discount. They’re new, refurbished or used and any model or color you’d want is available. Where is this magical cellular store? Why, it’s eBay!

Yes you can get a Samsung cellular phone that works, and works with your carrier. The cell phones listed as ‘New Never Opened’ on eBay mean that this phone has never been activated by a wireless phone carrier, even if the phone is not in the original box. There are many wholesalers that sell this type of Samsung cellular phone on eBay. Some of these phones are also being sold by people that bought the xiaomi pas cher phone, or got it free and never activated it. You can verify it is a new, never used phone by checking the life timer setting of the phone. Life timer setting records the history of call connection for the phone over its lifetime.

Another type of Samsung cellular phone sold on eBay is the Refurbished type. This means that it is a used cell phone, but refurbished to like new condition. There are different types of refurbished phones that you should be familiar with. Fully refurbished means the cell phone really does look like new. The cell phone has been tested, reset to factory settings and the housing has been changed.

The Samsung cellular phone would come with a new battery and new accessories as well. This type of refurbished cell phone is a steal and snapped up quick on eBay. A partially refurbished cell phone means a variety of things such as the housing has been changed but it has not been reset to factory settings. These are cheaper than fully refurbished. For any refurbished phone, you need to read the eBay auction ad or email the seller to determine what has been done to the phone to make it meet the refurbished criteria.

The final type of cell phone you can find is ‘used’, which means they have indeed been used before. You must read the auction ad carefully and ask questions of the seller. You can get a used Samsung cellular phone for a steal in this category, but make sure it’s not a lemon or a seller trying to scam you. Look at the pictures, read the buyer ratings of the seller, make sure the phone has a warranty, etc. Used phones really are a gamble and I recommend avoiding them and just buying New or Refurbished from a reputable seller.


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