Psychic Science and the California Constitution

In my opinion, there is an Anti- Paranormal feeling present within the United States. This is the product of the confluence of several unfortunate developments that have taken place over the last few decades. One of these circumstances is the coincidental and unwelcome popularity of mediums such as mediumship, clairvoyance, and other “clear hearing” arts. The coincidental popularity came about because of the growth of Parapsychology.

Psychic Phenomena: Why Scientists Deny It? ~ Fractal Enlightenment

Psychic Science and Parapsychology are separate fields; yet many in the US have made a sort of hybrid combination of both that they call “paranormal.” In other words, they believe in ghosts and the things they can do with the spirit world, yet they consider themselves scientific scientists who study the laws of probability and the natural disasters we experience in our country each year . For instance, Hurricane Katrina proved that the predictive quality of psychic science is actually quite accurate. Many who accepted psychic science were willing to give up the ghostly belief system for the scientifically proven facts. Many scientists who were skeptic about psychic science found that those who followed the evidence were actually more rational than those who stubbornly believed in ghosts.

Unfortunately, in the recently passed legislature, a bill was passed that makes it illegal for a psychic reader to discuss the topic of aliens from Mars or life on other planets. This article I, section 2, of the California state constitution clearly states that all matters not concerning public record are excepted out of the public record. It is in violation of this law for any psychic, medium, or mediums to discuss matters of interest to their clients that have not been revealed in the best interest of the people. I am aware that this article is purely hypothetical, but it is my contention that it is indeed an appropriate example of how important it is to follow the constitution and laws as they pertain to you and your fellow citizens.

If this ordinance had been in effect at the time that Jerry’s case was tried, then he may have gotten his fair trial. It could have put the fraudulent psychics out of business. But since it did not pass, it is now up to a jury to decide if it was fraud or not. If the jury decided that Jerry and his attorney were not given a fair trial then he will not be compensated by the plaintiffs. Therefore, this is only one example of how our constitutional rights can be suspended without trial under the California Constitution.

This particular ordinance violates the first and fifth Amendments of the California Constitution and Article I, section 5 of the California Declaration of Rights. Because there is no right to a trial, there can never be a just verdict. Although I do not know how this particular case was determined, it appears to me that there was no actual evidence presented against the plaintiffs. Therefore, they cannot have a clear right to a trial and their constitutional rights were violated, thus rendering the ordinance as a violation of the California Constitution.

In the same vein, I find that Jerry did not have a clear-cut innocence or guilt on the facts of his case, which is why the trial failed. He did commit a crime, but not a capital crime, so he did not have to pay with his life for what the attorneys called “fault”. The trial failed because the three-judge panel, all appointed by the California State Supreme Court, thought that it was irrelevant that what Jerry had done was a crime. Therefore, he was not entitled to a trial under the first amendment. And under the second amendment, which protects the right to free speech and press, he was not protected from being discriminated against based on his opinions or free speech.


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