The Different Types of Leather Products for Clothing

Leather goods are not a new addition to the fashion scene. For centuries, people have been using leather goods to create attire and protection for themselves as well as for the bodies of the dead. Though the primary choice for leather goods are wallets, belts, briefcases, and bags, there are a number of other leather goods that can be used with creativity and style.

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Solid Brass Belts The most commonly seen form of leather goods, solid brass belts are available in a variety of different designs and colors. Solid-bronze belts may have embossed designs, be stamped, or engraved with words or designs. These are usually sold as a single piece in polished, white or black finishes. They are most often used in men’s wallets, but they make great belts for women as well, such as those that are hand stitched with an image vi nam da ca sau.

Flexible Goods The leather goods that can be made into belts, buckles, or wrist bands are called flexible goods. This is a more versatile category of leather goods, because the products can be used for a variety of purposes. One type of flexible product is a fabric belt that has a buckle made out of the same material as the leather. This is one example of a piece that may be stiff, but can still be comfortably worn as everyday attire. Another example is a pre-stitched leather bracelet with pre-cured beads. Made into a thin bracelet, it may be thin enough to be worn over a shirt, but thick enough to be used as a cuff when worn around the wrist.

Tanned Leather Belt and Bracelets There are a number of different ways to care for these types of leather goods. Like other soft leather goods, it is important to avoid washing them in water. The grease from water can weaken the quality of the leather. For these belts, it is best to either use a brush or fabric softener to clean them. When you use fabric softeners, be sure to use one made from vegetable oil instead of other harsh chemicals.

Chromium Tanned Leather Products This type of leather articles should be used carefully. Like other soft leather goods, they need to be washed with special soap and water and dried immediately after use. They may appear to be dull in appearance, but they still contain natural color pigments that make them shiny. To restore their original sheen, a simple polish will do the trick.

Azo Dyes This type of leather goods also have to go through the same treatment to protect them. Like all other types of soap and water based cleaners, a formula made with azo dyes should be used. Follow the directions and rinse well. It would be best if you could not use too much soap or if it is impossible to rinse off the stains. When using a solution containing azo dyes, it is important to note that they react negatively with acid so proper care should be taken when handling them.


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