Vitamin A Makes Your Eyes Healthy

The significant role if vitamin A is to make the eyes healthy and to help bone development. It has antioxidantal and anticarcinogenic properties that help to prevent aging and skin disorders. It also helps the growth of teeth, skin, hair, gums and it stimulates immunity system.

Vitamin A can be found in these fruits and veggies:

– Papayas
– Apricots
– Asparagus
– Capsicums
– Carrots
– Dairy products
– Dark leafy greens
– Pumpkins
– Eggs
– Kidney
– Mangos
– Broccoli

the recommendation of Vitamin A that can  Visiclear  be consumed daily is:


0-6 months: 400 micrograms/day
7-12 months: 500 micrograms/day


1-3 years: 300 micrograms/day
4-8 years: 400 micrograms/day
9-13 years: 600 micrograms/day

Bear in your mind that even though vitamin A is very good but, you cannot eat too much vitamin A. Anything good can also cause side effect. Pregnant woman should not consume large doses of this vitamin because it can cause problem.

Vitamin A is also called retinol. It helps eyes to adjust light changes. It comes from animal foods and also plants. Beta carotene is usually found in plant-based foods. It is converted into vitamin A by our body. You can consume foods that have this vitamin daily especially when you have problem with your eyes sight. You can drink carrot juice everyday to increase your eyes ability to see the world without glasses. Glasses and contact lenses are sometimes bothering use because those are the only things that can help us see the world in better vision.


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