The Advantages Of Distance Golf Balls

There are literally hundreds of different types of golf balls available within the market. A significant percentage of these are designed to give the average golfer longer distance both off the tee with the driver, and on the fairway with the irons.

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These distance balls will give the golfer an advantage in several different areas – outlined below are the main reasons why distance golf balls will help the majority of golfers with their overall game 파워볼추천사이트.

Tee Shot Distance

A distance golf ball will, inevitably, provide the golfer with extra yardage off the tee. This extra distance will vary from ball to ball, but, in extreme cases, it might give you as much as an extra 20 or 30 yards off the tee.  This additional distance could prove to be vital on those longer par fours and par five holes.

Tee Shot Direction

Another advantage (and this is linked to the point above) is that a ball designed specifically for length will, in the vast majority of cases, have a reduced spin rate. This will lead to more straighter tee shots with the driver, because any wayward striking (i.e. a fade / slice or a draw / hook) will not be exaggerated by the balls lower spin rate. This point is of a great advantage to the mid to high handicapped golfer, as it helps to maintain a more consistent flight path.

Iron Accuracy

A lot of golfers struggle to get the ball onto the green with a mid-iron, because they will ‘under-club’ i.e. choose the wrong club which, when hit, will leave the ball short of the green. If using a distance ball, it will roll further after landing – this will help it to travel further and will give you a greater chance of ensuring your approach shots end up on the putting surface.


Distance golf balls are traditionally constructed with less layers than softer ones. What this means is that the outside layer is generally made of a tougher material. As a result, these balls are more durable and will stand up to a lot more usage than normal. This means you will get more value out of this type of ball, which leads to a saving when it comes to buy replacement balls.

Hopefully the reasons outlined above will help you to better understand why distance golf balls may help you to improve your overall game. As stated in the opening paragraph, there are many, many different types available which will help you to improve and develop your game, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t experiment with different types of distance golf balls.


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