The Five Most Common Reasons That People Decide To Put Off Moving House

There is no doubt about it, deciding to moving house is one of the biggest decisions we are likely to make during our lifetime. However, along with the excitement and pride at the prospect of owning a new home comes the fear, anxiety and trepidation of taking such a huge financial, emotional and logistical step. This article looks at the five main reasons people choose to put off the decision to move house.

1) Financial.

Many people are put off of moving house simply because of the considerable cost of doing so. As well as solicitors fees, stamp duty, search fees, conveyancing fees and removal costs, you will also undoubtedly need to spend money on travelling to and from the area in which you are searching for a new property, decorating the property to your own taste and buying new furniture to fit into your new property. All of these things can add up to thousands of pounds and, at a time when people are doing all they can to reduce their expenditure, this may be rather off putting.

2) Friends and family.

You may feel tied to a certain area because of your friends and family. It is all very well considering moving away to an area where you can ‘get more for your money’, or moving to somewhere 香港搬家 quiet to live by the sea, but when you sit down and think about it, how fulfilling would your life really be without your friends and family on your doorstep? Many people are put off moving house by the prospect of having to ‘start again’ and make new friends and acquaintances in a place that they are unfamiliar with.

3) Schools.

Schools play a huge part in both the decision people make to move house and the decision people make not to move house. Parents place huge importance on which school their child goes to and, if for example, you are living in an area where you have a small garden, do not get on with your neighbours and are further away than you would like from your family on the coast, you may still be dissuaded from moving by the fact that your children attend the local primary school which is the best school within 30 miles.

4) Timing.

People often wait for everything to ‘fall into place’ before making the decision to sell up and move on. For example, you may be waiting for that all important promotion, you may be about to add to your family and want to get the sleepless nights behind you before moving, or you may want to wait until your children are of secondary school age before your consider uprooting them. Timing is of the essence!

5) Employment.

Your current employment status can also have an effect on your decision to move house. If you have recently started a new job you may be required, or may wish to, have been in the job for six months or more before applying for a mortgage. You may be unhappy with your current role and wish to find a preferable position of employment before you take the huge financial decision to move house.


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