Tarot Symbolism: Lightning

One of the most powerful cards within the Tarot is the Tower Tarot card. Its imagery is powerful, authoritative and, at times, daunting. As a representation of divine intervention, it heralds a total restructuring of one’s belief systems. It is a reminder that one’s faulty perceptions have led them astray and in order for balance to be achieved once more, there needs to be a letting go of one’s old ways of thinking and behaving.

The Tower Tarot card is one of the only cards in the Tarot deck that depicts lightning as a focal point. In this regard it serves an important purpose. It is the symbol of a divine presence, as if the hand of God has reached down into the mundane, everyday world. With lightning, comes a God consciousness. This is an acknowledgment that there is, indeed, something greater working in one’s life.

The position of the Tower Tarot card suggests that although there is a divine presence, a spiritual cleansing may be in order. Unfortunately, this is not always a pleasant process. The imagery led lighting of lightning can represent a conflict, particularly between two opposing forces such as the ego and higher consciousness, the act of giving verses receiving or action verses passivity. In this case, lightning serves as a manifestation of two opposites coming together to form something entirely new: a new direction, a new idea, or new behaviors.

The Tarot symbolism of lightning can also symbolize new ideas or clarity. In the Old Testament, the image of lightning served to represent spiritual awakenings or a sudden moment of clarity in which God was perceived from a real and truthful perspective. For the Tarot, lightning can represent a new way of thinking. Inevitably, there is always change when one’s perspective undergoes such massive shifts. When lightning appears in a Tarot reading, you can always expect a personal transformation.


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