Your Hair Care Routine – Tips

Head the crown of the body, if not covered by beautiful thick hair spoils the entire look of a person. So looking after hair or hair care is as important as looking after any other part of the body. As one keeps a daily routine to clean the body, hair too should be cleaned the same way. Longer the hair more care they require. As dust and dirt sticks on hair they require more care when it comes to cleaning and it should be in one’s daily routine. Hair is the crown of the body. It does not matter how beautiful you are if you neglect your hair. Like skin hair too is different type as normal, dry and oily and as the skin has different complexion, hair have different texture as straight, curly or wavy.

First of all eating healthy nutritional food rich of iron and protein is must for healthy hair. A balanced diet is good and must for the entire body. Such hair requires advanced care. One should wash hair properly with a good shampoo, which is their hair type as for dry hair a shampoo that is specially made for dry hair should be used. Wash the hair thoroughly; no traces of shampoo or conditioner should be left on the hair or scalp. Although brushing is less damaging than combing but 防脫髮洗髮水 a soft brush does not cause more damage to hair than a comb. Prolonged brushing can also harm the hair. Back combing also damages the hair. It causes knotting which is very difficult to untangle. Oil massage is very useful for the hair. It improves the blood circulation and helps the hair grow so it should be done at least once in a weak. Oil should be left on the scalp overnight and hair should be shampooed the next morning.

Coconut and olive oil are very good to use for hair massage but if one wants one can even mix them in equal proportion and use. A mixture of olive oil and castor oil is very useful for dry, falling hair. Shampoo and conditioner can be used daily if necessary, but if you feel that your hair needs an extra boost, you may also want to consider adding a hot oil treatment or hair mask to your hair care routine. Dry hair tends to be thin and rough.It is susceptible to tangles, damage, breakage and split ends. Good hair care should be started at home. With proper care and attention you can restore its vitality and glossy sheen. The primary aim is to replenish the oil and the moisture in the hair.

Here are Ten essential must-dos of great hair care.

1. Use the right hare care products for your specific hair type.

2. Get a trim every 6 to 8 weeks.

3. Use hair care products containing sunscreen.

4. Shampoo your hair only when it is dirty.

5. Turn to a professional for all of your hair care needs.

6. Use professional conditioning hair coloring systems.

7. Stick with one chemical service.


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