Wi-Fi Door Locks

You all have heard about Electronic Locks and maybe even Wi-Fi Locks, but what is a Wi-Fi Lock and how does it operate? I will explain the function of these locks and how they operate in this article. Wi-Fi locks operate like or even the same as electronic locks, the main difference is how they communicate and how they use that communication to operate and function.

The first thing to discuss is the mechanical parts of the lock. All locks must have some type of mechanical components to function. In this article we are talking about door locks, which could be either a knob/lever lock or a deadbolt lock. In either case a locking bolt must be moved to the open position. This can occur by a motor, solenoid or mechanically and still be considered a Wi-Fi lock. The difference is how the manufacturer designs the lock, in other words, does he put just the minimal amount of mechanical components, how will the lock communicate and what type of batteries to use, to name a few.

For the electronic part of the lock the design has a lot to do with how communications to it will occur. For this article we are going to discuss Wi-Fi and the communication method. We Divine Locks all already know what Wi-Fi is and how it works, a lot of us use it every day. A Wi-Fi lock will communicate through your modem just like your laptop or smartphone. Once set up, you will be able to control your lock through your smart phone or tablet. Again, the amount of control and features are up to the manufacturer and what they build into their software. At the very least you should be able set up users, set up temporary user codes and lock out users. You may also be able to unlock and lock your front door remotely. Some models will store access history, so you could see who locked or unlocked the door in the past. You could also set it so that any time the door is opened you will get an alert. If you tie a camera to the lock you would be able to see who is at your front door.

The real difference in W-Fi locks is the software and what it is able to do and how well it works with other devices like the camera. The very first thing that you should do if you get a Wi-Fi lock is to set up security and passwords, if that lock doesn’t have this ability buy another one.


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