Brief History of Minoxidil and Its Use

Minoxidil was originally being tested for use as an oral blood pressure medication. Researchers found that the patients in the study were experiencing hair growth. Minoxidil when taken orally was shown to have several undesirable side-effects, so researchers decided to change their focus to studying the effects of Minoxidil on the scalp.

Minoxidil studies focused on the crown area of the scalp, however this should not be mistaken as a signal that Minoxidil will not work on a receding hair line – it will. Studies showed Derma Prime Plus  that when Minoxidil was applied to the scalp twice a day, patients experienced hair growth. Most participants in the study noted hair growth within the first 5 months, and continued to experience additional growth up to 2 years of prolonged treatment.

The exact mechanism in which Minoxidil exerts its effects if currently still unknown, however researchers believe that Minoxidil works by increasing the anagen stage of the hair follicle growth cycle. Over time, increasing the length of the anagen stage resulted in patients experiencing increases in both the diameter and length of scalp hair.

Here are some tips for men using minoxidil 5%

  • it only works where you apply it – you must apply it evenly to all areas of the scalp where hair is thinning or receding.
  • it works best on areas of the scalp that still have miniaturized hair
  • it has been found to work on thinning temples and on a receding hairline, so it’s best to apply Minoxidil 5% on all areas of the scalp that you notice any hair loss
  • it must be gently massaged into the scalp with you fingers after each application – the solution will not work if you do not massage it into the scalp
  • it has been shown to absorb much more readily when a Derma-roller is used during the application
  • if you find your scalp to be greasy after application, you can blow-dry your hair on low; this also makes your hair easier to style
  • it must be used on the scalp twice per day – once in the morning and once before bed
  • it is absorbed in the scalp better when it is slightly damp, such as after towel drying your hair after a shower
  • it must be used everyday – do not stop applying the solution when your hair grows back


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