Headache Support Kiss Them Goodbye

The very worst ones are Migraines, also known as “Vascular Disturbances”. JAMA (Journal of American Medicine) reports 8.7 million females and 2.6 million males suffer from this disorder. The current treatment options are really not effective. In case you weren’t aware, over the counter medicines can cause Acetaminophen poisoning for the liver, on long-term usage. Read your labels, Be Safe, and take protective herbs. Better grab these before it gets serious! Liver Support by Now Foods in tincture has all the liver enhancing herbs, and the new one by Now Foods called Liver Detoxifier And Regenerator includes Amino Acids, American Indian Herbs, and Chinese Herbs – Dr. Verghese knew what he was formulating with this exclusive formula. According to Dr. Sergey Dzugan MD, PHD, Author of “The Migraine Cure”, balancing your hormones, with products like Pregnenolone by Source Naturals, which comes in 50 mgs and also in Chewable Cherry is a good approach. He also discusses gastrointestinal disorders that could very well be a link between Migraine Glucofort and the intestinal track. Gut Flora (Good Flora and Fauna in the intestinal track) must be maintained. Iflora Acidophilus by Sedona Labs., is a complete probiotic with 16 strains of culture. Now coming to one of my favorites, Clear Products has Clear Migraine, which is Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) viewing this as an imbalance of QI (chi) and blood. A blend of 14 Chinese herbs, and the active components of Homeopathic Ingredients.

There are many more types of Headaches such as Cluster Headaches, (aren’t we lucky). They awaken us a night, after being asleep for hours, they usually effect adult males, they can come in clusters or groups of pain. Now Foods and Source Naturals have Relora, which helps to control Headache anxiety and calms down those tight muscles, which could come from neck stiffness. Tension Headaches are due to Stress and Anxiety, which usually increase during the day of work and pressure and anything else that’s upsetting. This also could be connected to Sugar Imbalance. The following are helpful Oregulin by North American Herb & Spice and Sugar Metabolism Compoundin Liquid Tincture by Herb Pharm so one can reduce the fogginess of this type of Headache. Some of you who are sensitive to weather conditions, called positive or negative ions, head for the Oxy Boost by Peter Gilliam’s Natural Vitality, increasing more Oxygen to the brain and blood stream from the atmospheric pollution. Reactions to over the counter drugs and household chemicals can also do a nice job of narrowing the blood vessels. Enter Aller-Be -Gone and also Bee Pollen in Bulk Granules, Toss some in your food or shakes. Lots of B Vitamins for nerve control, allergies and energy. And those of us that over do it, like too much of a good thing Chaser-Plus or Chaser Living Essentials for those Hangover Headaches.

Now Foods also has an Essential Oil known as Peppermint, just pass some of that along your forehead, In addition Hyland’s Headache or White Willow Bark (the natural form of aspirin) by Nature’s Way can be very helpful. Teas also can be very comforting, Long Life Teas has the Calming Chamomile Blend and Numi has the Red Mellow Bush for sipping down those Antioxidants, which are always of concern. Don’t forget Fish Oils and Vitamin B2 and kick those Headaches in the bud.


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