CRM and Policy Management Solution Key to Life Insurance Agency and Broker Success

The benefits of a customer relation management system (CRM) and policy management system will help both life insurance agencies and agents capitalize on increased sales and client retention. Selling agents and agencies using a good CRM will be able to provide better customer service. A web based CRM will allow easy access and maintenance of customer profiles for both administration staff and agents. Building customer loyalty is key in the insurance industry and having clients profiles at your fingertips will allow the cultivation of loyalty. Its as simple as knowing when each and every client is having a birthday, creating an opportunity to not only make your client feel important but a “touch” opportunity for you to gather some updated information. Your crm agency hong kong clients lives are constantly changing and a new opportunity for an up sell or cross sell may be right under your nose.

Using a good CRM will also let you run effective marketing campaigns with in-depth data mining of your existing clients. A good CRM will let you market products to a targeted audience and exclude clients that already have the product or don’t suit the marketed product. A good CRM will also allow lead distribution, and allow brokers to follow leads through the full sales cycle resulting in increased closing ratios.

From an agency management point of view, a policy management system will easily allow you to determine agent productivity, and gauge the direction of your agency. Knowing exactly where your agency stands will allow management to plan for future growth effectively and compete in an increasingly competitive insurance market. Agencies large and small have been slow to adopt a current and effective CRM and policy management system and still rely on crude spreadsheets, outdated databases, and paper files. Industry specific CRM’s that are cost effective are now available and agencies need to consider the move in order to survive in today’s market.


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