How to Save Text Messages?

There’s really nothing more annoying than losing a text message on your cell phone. Okay, that’s probably not true-acid rain, smokers, litterers, and adults who swear in front of small children are all probably more annoying than missing messages. But still, it can be pretty annoying.

Furthermore, for texting message enthusiasts, and believe it or not there are millions of them, saving your messages to review at a later date is extremely important. These folks like to save text messages the same way people used to save answering machine messages to listen to later. Don’t ask us why they do it, but they do.

Unfortunately for them, however, a text message is a lot like a phone call in that you cannot save it while you’re texting at breakneck speed. And if you happen to change phones, which many avid texters often do (probably because they wear out the keys), you will lose all of your messages. This is a fate worse than grounding for many inveterate texters, which is why we’re going to explain exactly how to save your messages.

Saving Messages

To begin with, you must have a PDA or personal digital assistant phone. These phones allow users to send and receive emails, which you will need if you want to save your text messages.

Next you will need to open each individual text message and copy the text. Unfortunately, again, there is not quick and easy way to save your messages, which is why you should only select the messages you really want to keep. Otherwise, the process could end up taking several hours, or even days, depending on how much you text.

The next step in how to save your messages involves email. You will have to create a new email message on your PDA 문자발송 and then paste the message you want to save into the body of the email. Then send it to your primary email address.

After you have logged into you email account, you can simply save the email as a draft. Then go back and repeat the previous steps. And that is how to save the messages to your email account.

But, as we mentioned, this can be a long and tedious process. And since the average text message obsessed teen can send hundreds of messages a day, it could take hours to save each and every text message.


Again, be selective. Don’t simply try to save each and every message you have ever received. That could take weeks! And really, are you really ever going to reread them all? Probably not. However, there might be a few special messages that you got on your birthday or other sentimental occasions that you really do want to save for good. As we mentioned, all you need is a quality personal digital assistant phone and some patience. You will also need an email account and some good typing skills.


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