5 Great Natural Hair Loss Treatment Tips

You’re probably one of us, waking up one day to find strands of hair on your pillow, some on your dressing table, some in the bathtub, and some more in the sink. You’d feel like tearing your clothes off, screaming like The Hulk, because you notice that patch of glaring bareness on your head.

Oh no. I am losing hair.

According to the wikipedia, it’s easier to prevent healthy hairs from falling out than to regrow hair on dormant (i.e. asleep) hair follicles, so before you start stressing a few hairs off your head, try to relax 펄안마.

Preventing and curing hair loss naturally is actually as easy as a few healthy habits you need to pick up and maintain. Here we go:

First of all, you should stop stressing about everything (and I mean it). This might seem like “duh, as if I didn’t know that”, but try to really think about it. Are you taking life too seriously? Perhaps you have a few loans and mortgages waiting to be paid every month and the kid is going into university soon, but gaining a patch on your head ain’t helping! Therefore, stop stressing and start smiling. If you can’t seem to bust the stress, try slowing down and breathing deeply.

If you’re here, you not in for chemical hair loss treatments is my guess. Well, try this simple exercise from a nurse: massage your scalp with the fingers daily and before you hit the bed every night, puncture a couple of garlic pearles, squirt the oil on the scalp and massage it. Cover it with a shower cap and sleep on it. (Who said you can’t sleep on problems?) The next morning, shampoo and rinse your head.

You can also massage your hair and scalp with olive oil and vitamin E oil before sleeping. Repeat the same procedure; massage and cover your head with a cap. The next morning, shampoo and rinse your head.

It’s your scalp that holds your hair, so make sure you keep it healthy too. Blood circulation is particularly important in this case — massaging your scalp gently with your fingers would help. You could also take half a raw onion, massage your head with it and repeat the cover overnight – shampoo and rinse exercise.

I repeat, your scalp holds your hair. So, it is just common sense to keep your scalp in good condition. Don’t dry your hair by wringing it hard with towels — instead, use a hairdryer (but don’t overheat your scalp; it’s just as damaging!) or just let it dry naturally. Sleeping with a tight braid also puts tension on your hair, so do try to avoid that too!


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