How to Make Money From Blogging

The average online reader reads up to five blogs per week. I was personally surprised by that number, till I noticed how many I read per week, and the number was closer to 20. It’s largely because what we consider to be “blogs” differs from person to person. I was thinking of personal blogs, were people post what they had for dinner, or pictures of their kids, etc. I don’t read a lot of those. But I do read a lot of news blogs, opinion blogs, and blogs about making money. When you add them all up, I read a lot more than the average.

Because of this, many bloggers have realized that they can make a decent amount of money by running one, no matter what the topic is However, like everything else, there are good ways and bad ways to go about it. If you don’t know how to make money from your blog, than the topic you pick won’t matter. Conversely, if you do know what you are doing, you can make a blog on a very small subject, and make money doing it.

First, you need to get your blog going of course. I’m not going to cover all that here, there are lots of online resources for how to get your blog started. You need to pick a topic, find a platform, and start writing. You can do all of this for free at sites like, or you can do it for a few dollars a month at a place like There are advantages to either method, but neither will truly affect your ability to make money from your blog.

There are three keys to making money from your blog.

First, your topic needs to be one that can last. If you were running, say, a blog about a bad that stopped being popular 10 years ago, you won’t get a whole lot of traffic. Your blog needs to be about something that people are interested in reading today, and that people are searching for, and are actively interested in.

Second, you need to write. This is the hardest, and most patient part. You’ll need dozens or hundreds of posts before your site really gets picked up in Google so that people can find you. You need to build an audience, where people know what to expect from you, be it several posts a day, or one a week. You need to write, and keep writing.

Finally, you need to put aside making money until you get an audience. If you go in thinking you are going to make a lot of money right away, you’ll be focused on the wrong things. Once you have a site that is read by 100s of people a day, and has content people are searching for, making money from it is pretty easy. But if you start showing lots of ads or trying to make money from your first five readers, you’ll probably fail.


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