Promotional Sticker Advertising

Promotional stickers are used by individuals, businesses, as well as corporate firms to increase their brand awareness and visibility. Promotional sticker advertising is considered as an effective vehicle for marketing and brand awareness. Promotional stickers can be easily customized and this probably one of the main reasons for its popularity amongst businesses. Most promotional stickers are self adhesive stickers and can be as small as a bumper sticker or as big as acrylic signs or even roll-up & stand banners.

The success of promotional sticker advertising lies in the type of stickers you choose for creating brand visibility. There are several different types of promotional stickers available and can be digitally printed. Some of the simple stickers are the ones that will have the name of your business and logo and can be distributed at exhibitions, commercial events, trade shows, and with mailing materials. The most popular promotional stickers are the ones that are used as bumper stickers or windshield stickers. These stickers normally carry a message apart from the logo and name of the business. Bumper stickers are considered as one of the most effective type of promotional sticker advertising owing to the fact that they can be seen by a large audience.

A third type of sticker is known as informative stickers, which have information on both sides. The advantage is that people can use either side. Normally informative stickers are used for promoting launch of new products, discounts on existing products, new outlet or store etc. Some businesses also use the back side slagbestendige sticker of the sticker as a subscription form or a discount coupon. The fact of the matter is that a sticker should not just be a business card of your business; it should also be a value addition to your customer. Why would someone put the sticker of your business on their windshield or fridge? Now if you have a magnetic sticker, it can be used by a customer for several purposes other than advertising your brand.

Hence, you need to consider the customer value addition aspect while implementing your promotional sticker advertising strategy. The sticker design should be neat and the text should stand out and be comprehensible. Attention to details is important when it comes to promotional stickers because this will help in making your stickers stand out. If people are unable to see your promotional sticker or read them then the cause is lost. Focus on making the design eye-catching and the copy should be innovative.


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