Heartbroken Songs – For Making Up

Heartbroken songs are the perfect solution after a heart crushing divorce with the one you really love.

…And guess what, I really have been there,done that!

As far as music I failed to listen to anything but “crying in your beer music” and rock music was darn sure out on my list New mp3. Rock songs are surely more cheerful to some folks,however, they always made me even more sad because they reflected back on good times with her.

One thing I did one time after a separation was actually writing a heartbroken song and it helped tremendously on relieving my pain. Heartbroken songs have been around for a long time and I guess even before man tried to play a guitar.

One time I got really board writing a long song and I thought What if I would try a short poem instead and see if it might go better. Also, writing a long letter might work better for you than a poem or song I know it did for me because poetry for me is harder to write and I got a lot more feelings out in a letter,however, if you can do it, a song always has worked for me better in expressing my feelings outwardly. Having a 3rd party write a song or poem for you used to make me feel really great because it really impressed my ex and made her wake up to whats happening in the relationship. My ex was always impressed by this action as an attempt in love to reach out to her.

All you have to do is first put your words into a simple poem at first and then put them into a song. It’s necessary that the words are your original actual words and you don’t even need to know how to write the music. All you have to do is create your melody and put the song in that melody. If you can’t create your own melody, then rip off a favorite melody from one of your favorite songs. Then all you have to do is originate some new words for this newly created melody.

Some people, however, don’t like to write songs but the good news is you don’t have to reinvent the wheel just copy it. I’m sure that you folks have a few songs in mind to listen to already and they might have a totally different sound in a new context and meaning when you listen to them. You ex will surely find a new and different meaning in them also after the relationship separation.

Another idea is to record a lot of “beer drinking” or hang head songs about breaking up on cd and send them to her in a letter. What makes this concept so successful is that it is original and coming from you.

If a song is sad it does not mean it will actually work because a lot of thought is needed in researching the thought and sentiment behind the words in your song.

Go over your songs with a fine toothed comb and choose the ones that you might think are the very best for the job. You really want the ones that are especially about the ending of your relationship when the stress is at its strongest to create the best effect. Also don’t forget to send a song that’s a real encouraging song for jolting your love spirit.


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