iPad Versus Kindle – Which eReader is Right For You?

The past couple years have been an interesting time for book readers. We have seen quite a few eReader devices released from companies like Amazon, Sony, and Barnes and Noble. Now that the iPad has been released, another major player has entered the eReader market.

Ultimately, choosing an eReader is a matter of personal preference. All devices have pros and cons. This article will take a look at some of the differences between Amzon’s Kindle and Apple’s iPad.

1. Full Color Vs. Black and White

While the Kindle utilizes an e-ink black and white display, the iPad uses a full color computer display. The e-ink display is easier on your eyes. However, the iPad display, is certainly much more attractive. It will also be possible for authors to include extras in their books that would never be possible with a Kindle. You might expect exclusive author interviews or a full-color interactive map of Middle Earth when you are reading Lord of the Rings.

2. Battery Life

One thing that has contributed to the rave reviews of the iPad is its long battery life. You can use the device for up to ten hours at a time. While this is pretty good, the Kindle’s battery life is even better. The Kindle can hold a battery charge for up to 2 weeks as long as the wireless connection isn’t turned on. Ten hours will probably be plenty of battery juice as long as you can charge it up every night, but if you often take long vacations off the grid, the Kindle may be the better choice.

eBook Selection: Quantity Counts

This has always been perhaps the most important factor in an eReader. If you don’t have access to the book you want to read, then what is the point of having an eReader? This has also been the primary reason that Kindle has always been number one. After all, Amazon is the world’s #1 bookseller, so it is natural that they would have the largest selection of books for the Kindle. However, the iPad book selection is practically guaranteed to surpass that of the Kindle. The reason is that in 2009 Amazon developed a Kindle App for Apple. This app allows users to access the Kindle Store and download books directly to their iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad. iPad users will not only have access to the Kindle store, but they’ll also have access to Apple’s new iBookstore. If an iPad user can’t find the book he wants in the iBookstore, he can simply peruse over to pay with ethereum amazon the Kindle store to find it. Kindle users won’t have this luxury.

eBook Prices: Deals and Steals

For much the same reason as above, iPad users will always be able to get the best book price. While Kindle users will be forced to pay the price at which Amazon offers the book, iPad users will be able to compare prices between the two stores. The App Store also allows free downloads, an option not available in the Amazon store.

Weight: Lugging Around Your eBooks

The Kindle easily wins this one. One thing many iPad users have noticed is that the device is heavier than they expected. While much of this can be attributed to the quality of the device, the fact is that your arms and hands may grow weary from holding 1.5 lbs in front of you for a long period of time. The Kindle weighs less than half as much as the iPad, and it is much more comparable in weight to a standard sized paperback.


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