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In this article we’ll cover following file extensions commonly used to store multimedia files: MOV, MP4, FLV, M4A, 3GP, TORRENT, WMV, VOB.

File extension MOV was created for Adobe Quicktime application. Files with extension MOV are used to store video and music information. Advantage of this format is that it allows to store information compressed by different algorithms Kickass. Though it immediately creates a disadvantage. You need to have a specific codec installed on your computer to play some of the MOV files.

MP4 file extension stands for MPEG-4. It is essentially identical to MOV format and only differs by providing some additional metadata. MPEG is a set of compressions methods for audio and visual data thehiltonian. MP4 file extension is supported by multiple applications including Apple ITunes, XBox 360 (support added in 2007), QuickTime and other multimedia players.

File Extension FLV is used to store Macromedia Flash Player files. After Macromedia was purchased by Adobe it was renamed to Adobe Macromedia Player. This is the most popular format for multimedia information on the internet. It can transfer vector graphics, stream video, audio and text. One big advantage of it is that it has a programming language embedded in it and sotware developers could code very advanced internet applications using it.

M4A file extension is just a variation of MP4 file extension used by Apple Corporation to deliver multimedia content. This file extension became popular due to wide sread of Apple IPods and ITunes.

File Extension 3GP is a simplified version of MP4 and used to store audio and video information on 3G cell phones. 3GP on computer could be viewed by following applications: VLC media player, RealPlayer, QuickTime, GOM Player and Media Player Classic.

Even though file extension TORRENT is not used directly for multimedia files it is very often associated with multimedia content. It is because TORRENT software is very popular for transferring multimedia content over peer-to-peer networks.

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