Angelina of Glastonbury – The Ghost of Glasteonbury (Part VI-AD 1201)

Angelina’s Diary dated AD 1201, some two-year after Angelina killed her three rapists there seemed to appear a ghost out of nowhere, it was circulating the town of Glastonbury. Folks say they say him, a half witted looking creature, in a numb looking almost paralyzed stance, staring through the windows of the homes in Glastonbury, as if he was looking for someone. Angelina had an inkling, a sense you might say, of this ghost, or ghoul folks were talking about, but she’d need to see it in person before it would bring back any memories. A ghoul circling around Glastonbury, did not seem all that strange, many folks had searched the tunnels of the Tor, and got buried alive, not ever finding there way out, and thus, the good folks of the town related this to that.

I repeat, there had been rumors of many ghosts in the past, but this one was different (you and I know this anyhow) he was from Angelina’s past. What did this ghost want? No one knew, but he wanted something.

I will tell you in so many words, and make a long story short, the ghost, He wanted Angelina to bring his body back up from the well, it was (is) stuck there-between the well and the tunnels of water that feed the mounds thereabouts. He wants to be buried as a Great Knight.

Well, Angelina reads her diary, she had misplaced it for a long spell, and finds out he was in fact, one of the three Knights that raped her. It brought back some sorrowful memories, fragmented recollections.

It was several days now, since she had read her notes, and the more she thought on the matter, the more her mind became distorted. But she told herself, she had to go down in that well and save him, and bring his body up; that was her first thoughts, and they got heavier and heightened as the days passed. She came to the point she was in a state of disassociation, talking to folks, but not really there, her mind off some other place.

The ghost has found her, but made no real attempt to persuade her past a one time visit, that actually put Coming of age, forgiveness her into this state, it was when she was reading her diary, he appeared by her.

She did something very strange, and the ghoul, was frantic when he saw her going through the motions in acquiring this future task, which was, not to be long in the future at all. She, Angelina, now in a state of fog, went to the town’s chemical maker, bought a jug of acid, to pour over the stuck body in the well, the ghost of the Knight, by her side begging her not to do what she had on her mind.

She was now standing at the well, her wolf by her side, the ghost talked to Angelina on his recollections, then she, smiles, and climbs down into the well with a ladder rope (as if she didn’t understand what he was saying, as if she was too far inside the tunnels of her mind), her wolf guarding the upper part of the well now. She sees the body stuck in the corner of the well, and puts the jug of acid down for a moment, the ghost still begging her, but all she hears is a fogy echo, as if she is in a dream, she sees the knight has a bottle of ale, tucked around his arms, she takes the bottle from his arms, pours the acid into the bottle, and sticks the bottle into the dead corpses mouth, pouring it into his mouth, saying, “You deserve a full bottle of ale,” and out pours the acid, his eyes open up, and the ghost, who had used the body as a refuge or point of return, shutters in disbelief, again, she leaves him into a worse nightmare, and the body now is completely eaten up, and disintegrates in front of her, “Gosh,” she says, “now he can rest in peace.” And the ghost is never seen again.


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