Which Eve Online Skill to Invest the Most in

EVE Online is a truly immersive MMORPG of epic proportions. You can fly anywhere, do what ever you want, and have a lot of fun. But some people may be confused about the skill system and wonder what EVE Online skill they should put the most effort into. This is a good question, but a bit hard to answer. It mainly depends on what you want to do the most in the game.

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The main EVE Online skill you should invest in at the start of the game is learning, and its support skills situs slot online. These will decrease the time it takes to learn other skills, and help you level already learned skills quicker. This can save you a lot of time later in the game. It can also help you with some purchasing related investments.

Next you might want to consider a skill that pertains to your industry. If you are a person that’s going to be engaging in heavy combat then you are going to want to focus on your combat and ship command skills. These will increase your proficiency with weapons, and your piloting ability. There are also skills related to electronic warfare, and electronic countermeasure warfare.

Of course if you’re a miner then the EVE Online skill you’ll want to invest in the most is mining. This dictates how good you are at mining ore out of asteroids. Its related skill sets can also increase proficiency with mining lasers, and allow you to get more materials from processed ore. This results in increased credits and shorter mining runs. This can be a good thing to have in areas that aren’t very safe.

You also have skills relating to engine operation, and power grid optimization. Your power grid is what’s used to mount your equipment on your ship. The better you are at using it the more equipment you can mount. You can also mount bonus items in secondary slots to give your ship a boost in performance. Or that added edge in a bad combat situation.

Of course having good trade abilities is another EVE Online skill that you might want to invest in. This allows you to get better prices at the market, and buy things at a cheaper price. While the results may seem low in the early levels the more you level it up the bigger the bonus will be. Those ISK add up over time, and every bit saved is some put back for your new ship.

Of course you may not be saving for a new ship. You may be stockpiling money just to stockpile money. There’s nothing wrong with that, but you have to protect your assets. It’s generally a good idea to have ships and parts stored in multiple systems just in case something happens to you.

In closing the best EVE Online skill to invest in is actually up to you. Combat skills can save your character in bad situations. Mining skills can make you a better industrialist, and marketing skills can increase your ability to trade. Whatever you decide to do remember to always pay your insurance, and watch out around the asteroid fields.


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