Wedding Favor Ideas – Choosing What To Fill

Wedding favors traditionally serve as small tokens of appreciation for the guests. They can range from glass or crystal made figurines, ceramic figurines, to little trinkets of sweets บาคาร่า or other products. If you are deciding the favors you want to provide to your guests, you have to consider the theme of your wedding, as well as your personality and your groom-to-be’s.

If you opt to give out small trinket of goodies, of course you will need to think of the filling you want to put in. There are countless ideas to choose from, including…

Edible Treats

Sweet treats like candies, chocolates, gums, and lollipops are just a few options you may consider to fill in your little boxes or bags. Choose your favorite edible treats or a variety that fits with the theme and color of your wedding. You can think of purchasing almonds or M&Ms that are customized with your your names or initials. Candies and chocolates can are available in a variety of shapes. Another popular option are gold chocolate coins, which are perfect for a casino or Vegas themed wedding. Homemade cookies cut in heart shape are also a sweet idea. Gourmet coffee or flavored tea can also be filled in small tin cans or mini jars.

You may also consider a homemade idea. For example, if you are good at baking brownie or other cake recipe, you may consider baking those treats for your guests and include the recipe to your gifts. Simply print out the recipe on a special card and tie it on the package with a ribbon. This is one creative idea to add your own personal touch onto your wedding favors.

Non-Edible Favors

If you think edible treats aren’t good enough, you can go for non-edible that can be useful to your guests and most specially if they flow with your wedding theme. For example, if you are planning an eco-friendly wedding, seeds or bulbs can make the perfect fillers into your favor containers. These ideas also often work best for garden themed weddings. Alternatively, you may consider bubbles to fill little plastic jars. Bubbles are often used during weddings, so why not use them as well as wedding favors? Sea sand, seashells, and little stones could also fill a nice clear glass jars for beach weddings.

Personal Products

Wedding favor boxes, bags, or jars can also be filled with personal products that could either be homemade, custom-made or ordered in bulk. Think of little goodies that complement your personality and wedding theme. The choices may range from math salts, soaps, to candle and other else. If you prefer to make candles or soaps yourself, one great idea is to have them molded in shapes like heart, butterfly, flower, or anything that reflects the theme of your wedding.


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