Volley Ball and Practicing Solo Off an Uneven Wall

There are many things you can do to help your volleyball game even when there’s no one else around to practice with. One neat trick is to get next to a very high wall that has a surface of uneven brick, and then at night turn on a strobe light and practice against that wall. The strobe light makes your mind adjust to the changes of the ball extremely rapidly between light flashes. It also makes you set up your hand positions and get into the right position well ahead of time.

This will help you increase your reflexes, and improve your hand position, almost so you have the ability to process the information even when you can’t accurately see where the ball is or where it’s going. It helps with your mind’s ability to calculate the future position of the ball, it’s trajectory, it’s speed, and the point at which you will make the connection. Now mind you, using this technique is not easy and it’s very difficult. But it is rather fun.

Many years ago, I went to a soccer camp and they set up a strobe light, and we played soccer. I was amazed at how difficult it was, how easy it was to crash into your opponent, and how hard it was to accurately kick the ball when you couldn’t see it. However after doing it for an hour or so your mind adjusts to being able to intuitively sense where the ball is, where your foot position will be, and makes your mind process all the data extremely fast. This isn’t easy, and not everyone can do it.

Now then, when I tried the strobe light with the volleyball against and uneven wall, I was reminded of how dingdong bola difficult it is, but how your mind works in real time in such activities. When I went online to see if other people were doing this in research for this article, so I could provide you this tip, I noted that martial artists, basketball players, and many other sports are now doing this in their training. It makes sense. I thought it was rather original a few decades ago, while I was at soccer camp.

Indeed, I think what you’ll find is that when you hit the ball on an uneven wall you have no idea which way it’s going to go with a strobe light flashing, and then all of a sudden it goes off in some direction and it’s already moving quite quickly before you have a chance to go after it. And as you do you only get glimpses of the ball, and yet, you have to hit back, and this challenges your minds ability to process the information at a high rate of speed. This will definitely help your volleyball game. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.


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