Tips for Posting a Blog on Twitter

Blogging, in general, helps small businesses to tell the world what their company is all about and what value a business can give to their customers. Blogs can be established and posted to the company website and even sent via link in a newsletter. However, it seems that posting blogs on social media sites can maximize the potential exposure your blog can receive more than any other method. It can also help with the speed of delivering your information, as the majority of the population is accessing the internet via tablets and smartphones. In this article we will focus on tips for posting your blogs on Twitter.

Existing clients. Think of an existing or past customer, write a case study, talk about how you found them, how you won their business, what successes you had, what challenges you came up against Sherry Dyson, how you overcame those challenges – again, if it’s relevant and worthwhile, share it!

Popular media – this can range from stories in the news, local events and issues, tv, radio, social media. I’ve written a number of blogs related to films and tv programmes I’ve watched – in particular Iron Man 3 and Breaking bad. There’s often comparisons you can make with the business world, no matter how tenuous they may initially seem. Even if it’s just a matter of telling your audience how much you enjoyed something, as long as you can relate it to the theme of your blog, it’s useful

Your day to day existence. Have your kids said something particularly amusing/worthwhile, does your dog lead a calm zen-like existence that would inspire you to deal with stress and anger, have you received great/terrible service in a shop or restaurant, has your local supermarket done a brilliant/terrible piece of marketing that you’d like to comment on

Past blog posts. Go back over previous blog posts, update them, comment on them, discuss any comments you’ve had or things you’ve learned since you made the original post?

and, as a last thought (number 6 if you like) – one tip I was given when I first started doing stand up comedy – keep a notebook with you at all times and write down anything you feel is relevant, ideas, notes, scribbles, drawings, things you’ve experienced during the day. There’s plenty of techy alternatives to this such as Evernote but, for ease of use the old notebook and pen can work wonders.

In summary, my advice about “just start writing” still rings true, often that’s harder than just getting on with it but by developing a habit of always looking out for inspiration and having the tools to help you achieve that you’ll be well on your way to blogging success

Blogging has proven to be one of the most powerful ways for people to get their products and services promoted to those who visit the internet. There are many people who are trying to use blogs in order to get more visitors, but there is more to it than simply typing some words and expecting waves of visitors to start coming in. You need to think about certain factors that will help you get more out of your efforts.

Here are the most important steps to gain success with a business blog.


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