Do You Write Enough Blog Articles?

I just completed a great advanced marketing training course (all of you should invest in some type of continued education as well) which brought up a good point about blogging.

The instructor talked about how to make any sort of significant impact in your niche, better yet to dominate your marketplace, you have to write a blog article every diggity day No exceptions.

Does that want to make you do the walk of shame? Are you writing regularly: everyday, every week, or maybe every month?

Well to get some perspective on how important it may be for you write articles and make blog posts, take a look at the top blogs in your niche – do they write blogs posts everyday? The leaders in your niche probably do.

The part that resonated with me about our writing discussion – was the fact that they explained how writing regularly trains the search engines to search and spider your content on a regular basis. Getting you quicker placement in the search engine rankings for your blog posts and keywords in those posts. Don’t you just love that?

So does that mean that you have to write 500 word articles everyday on your blog? Uh, no.

But it does mean that you need to be passionate about your topic and dedicated to the success of your business to penetrate your niche, stand out as an authority, and make good stuff happen!

Remember you can write and blog about news in your niche, product reviews, things going on with you personally, updates on your current projects, etc.

Now while I was writing articles on my blog on a daily basis already, I decided to take that same advice and apply it to the other 3rd party websites and directories that I write for.

So now I write on a daily basis to ALL of my key article publishing sources. Whew! It may sounds like a whole lot, but it’s not really, because I have seen immediate results.

My opt-in list rate has dramatically increased by over 110% since I started writing on my own site regularly, so that can only improve once I stick to the writing schedule for the other places where I publish.

I have a confession to make. I know it may be a bit hard to believe and I am a little embarrassed by this but……….I only recently discovered blogs. Surprisingly, I am not alone in my unfamiliarity with this medium of communication.  When I decided to learn more about this subject, I asked everyone I knew to tell me what they knew about blogs.  Not many people knew very much at all about them.  Some had heard about blogs but only a few ever visited a blog and no one ever had one of their own.

Years after the first “primeval Blog” made its tentative debut on the Internet,  I am finally adding it to my lexicon of computer-related pastimes.  It took me fifteen years (hey, I was busy); OK maybe, the real reason was simply because I never liked the word “blog.”  It has an unwholesome sound when it is pronounced: “b l a h – guh”—and it rhymes with unsavory things that conjure up unpleasant associations such as smog, flog, clog, bog, hog and Gog (terrible apocalyptic invader).  I immediately changed my mind about the word “blog” when I learned that it is actually a hybrid of two words: “web” and “log.”

Back in the day when the “web-log” first emerged from the electronic, virtual “ooze”,  some time in the mid-nineties, it presented the world with an exciting, completely new medium of self-expression whereby the personal musings, feelings and ideas of ordinary people, (anyone in fact who had a computer and the knowledge to use it) could be published as online diaries or journals. This is the aspect of blogging that I am most excited about: Today, ordinary people are still communicating their unique stories and perspectives about Life.  Real People; Real Stories; Real News.  Many of these blogs are like a combination soap opera-reality show, except, they are, authentic and told to us by the people who live the experiences they write about. There is a fascinating diversity of subject matter found in these blogs and that is another reason why I am “hooked” on blogs. I have become a “Blogophile” and there is no cure as long as there is curiosity!


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