5 Simple Ways to Find Ideas to Write About

It’s easy to start a blog, but keeping your blog fun and exciting is another story. If you don’t believe me just look at the number of abandoned websites that are out there on the Internet right now. The net shows us that most people don’t know what to do to keep a site going. According to experts the key to keeping a site going is to post frequently. For this to happen you are going to need a never-ending supply of ideas for your blog.

Now this idea may scare you but coming up with topics for your blog post is easy if you use the following ideas.

  1. News about your niche – The content you create needs to be timely and up-to-date, one of the best ways to do this is to tap into the current news about your niche. No matter what your topic is you can always find breaking news and stories to write about Sherry Dyson. One way to keep track of up-to-date news is to sign up for Google alerts, it’s a free service of Google, and you can set up alerts based on the keywords that are important to your audience. What Google will do is send you an alert each time a new story is posted about your topic.
  2. Check your comments section for ideas – Your comments section can be a great source for inspiration. For example let’s say you have on your marketing blog a post about keyword research and within the comments section for that post are some questions that your readers asked about using keywords in articles. There you go… You have great ideas for your next posts. So look through your comments section and identify some different topics that you could write about or some questions that you could answer in one of your next blog post.
  3. Use the web’s many resource lists – There are all kinds of websites and resources that your readers want to know about. Create some resource list posts. These types of posts are easy to write and they give your readers great value because they can easily find the information that they need. So if you’re stuck on what to write about then create lists of helpful resources for your readers.
  4. Check out the other blogs in your niche – It’s a good idea to keep up with what others in your niche are talking about. So while you’re doing this why not come up with some ideas for new posts. Watch what the other websites are writing about. You can read about the information they covered and you may notice information that the original author missed or you can approach your topic from a different angle. If you disagree with the other writers, create a post and express your opinion. Other sites can get your creative juices flowing quickly and easily.
  5. Create quick tips type posts – First start by collecting tips that you would like to share with your readers. These can be based on your personal experience, they can come from other posts that you have read, they can come from products in your niche or they can come from your current customers and clients. So if you find yourself stuck and you are not sure what to write about then just create a quick tips post.

One thing you’ll definitely want to do is to make things easier for yourself, so keep a notepad nearby. Then anytime you come up with an idea just write it down. Don’t rely on your mind to remember your ideas. There are way too many things in life to keep track of, don’t make your blog post ideas one of them.


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