Top Email Safety Tips

Today email security has become a main concern for businesses, due to the emergence of spam, viruses, phishing and identity theft. More than ever companies are feeling the need to secure their business information. The following tips bring more awareness about common emails threat and how to deal with them GoDaddy email login. However a lot of those issues can be resolved with the support of an email hosting provider.

Email passwords must be at least 6 characters long, however 8 or more characters are recommended. Email passwords must be case sensitive and contain letters, numbers and can contain most upper ASCII characters like “&” or “%”). As a general rule, secure passwords should contain a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters and at least one number or upper ASCII character.

It is recommended to change passwords at least every 60 days particularly if your users currently use and manage emails on public computers. It is common that public computers are infected with spyware that record every word that users are typing. Therefore a regular change of password is highly recommended. Some email hosting providers commonly provide automatic change of password for their users.

Ensure that your email accounts are protected by industry leading anti-virus technology that is updated every hour against the latest virus threats. It is also highly recommended to install and maintain good and well-respected anti-virus software on your computer to prevent infection from USB drives, CDs or DVDs and so on. It is also better to scan all attachments with a virus program before downloading/executing any, even if they come from someone you know.


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