The Cervical Cancer Health Check

If you are a female, it is absolutely imperative to ensure that you undergo a cervical cancer health check on a regular basis. This cancer has been established as the easiest in terms of prevention Home depot health check. Unfortunately, if you do not have regular screens performed, it could turn into one of the most deadly.

Medical professionals and researchers have established that if a pap test or a HPV test is conducted on a regular basis, cervical cancer may be prevented. In many instances, this type of cancer may be detected early enough to be treated and resolved successfully.

If you are a female, it is important to know and understand when to have a cervical cancer health check performed. It is ideal to have a pap test within the first three year period after becoming sexually active. If you have not yet had a pap test by the age of twenty one, this should be performed.

If you have a pap test performed and receive word that it was abnormal, you should start having HPV tests performed on a regular basis. If you find that your pap tests are normal, you should start having the HPV test performed by age thirty.

On the most part, if you are showing clear and normal results by age thirty, your chances of developing cervical cancer is drastically reduced. However, if you have more than one sex partner or a member of your family has had cervical cancer, it is important to ensure that you continue to get screened regularly.


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