Horoscope Matches – Why Is It Important?

Any modern day individual will definitely find it hard to grasp the whole concept of zodiac signs and horoscope matches. In fact, most people these days do not believe that horoscopes or the planets have anything to do with our lives. While western belief strongly suggests that all we have to blame for our mistakes and for our tuvisomenh situations in life is ourselves and the bad choices that we make, people from the east think otherwise.

Eastern culture has always been about the mystical – about things that human knowledge and skill cannot explain or about happenings that are beyond our control.

Eastern culture believes that there is a force bigger than us, and is responsible for making things happen in our lives. This greater force defines who we are, tells us what we are like, and even point us to the right person we should marry and spend the rest of our lives with.

Contrary to how people of the west sees marriage, eastern belief sees matrimony as one of the most sacred and holiest things that can happen in one’s life. It is so precious that one cannot afford to make mistakes in marrying the wrong person. But then again there is no certainty that the marriage of two different people will work, especially when they belong to different backgrounds, culture, religion, and lifestyle. The Hindu Tradition provides a solution to that dilemma – with horoscope matches, one will be able to determine the success rate of marriage in advance.

Under the Hindu context, horoscopes are called Kundali. A Kundali is made short after a child is born. To make a Kundali, essential natal information is necessary such as the date, the time, as well as the place of birth. This information is laid out and will be analyzed according to the relationships among the three. Whatever the result is, it will tell about the child’s future life, including his education, health, finance, marriage, number of children, and so on. During a wedding, horoscopes are very important deciding factors. In fact they are so important that priests and astrologers need to be consulted first before pushing through with the wedding plans.

If you think that matching horoscopes is easy to do, then you are terribly wrong. In fact, the process of finding out horoscope matches is both complicated and carefully done. Matching the horoscopes of the couples are usually done at the initial stages of the wedding preparation, and it will dictate if the man and the woman should bind themselves under the eternal bond of holy matrimony. There are eight determining factors that will help figure out if a man and a woman will have a bountiful marriage or not. If the eight factors match well, then the couple is believed to have a successful married life together. Each of the eight factors has its own significance in the life of the couple, such as spiritual, character and temperament, and even sexual compatibility. Finding out if the couple match in those areas will tell if they are compatible in life or not.

It must be pointed out though that there are many cases when feelings would simply come in the way of reason. This means that a person or a couple may opt to disregard the analysis resulting from the test on compatibility with the use of the horoscope. The usual reason for this is that one or both partners are already so much in love that they dare to continue their relationship even if the heavenly bodies, on which the horoscope is based, do not see any good future for it. Under such circumstances, it is always the couples themselves that determine their fate. If they continue with their respective relationships, then they should prepare themselves for the possibilities of painful breakups and other similar incidents. Defying the horoscope signs can be bad for the individual or for the couple.

This is the reason why it is best to learn about compatibility long before a relationship has become deeper. A couple may think that because they have been together for a relatively long period of time, they can already make it in the next stage, which is marriage. You must remember that marriage is an entirely different thing from dating or courtship. In fact, it is during marriage that couples who used to enjoy great romance so much would begin to realize that they are not meant to be for each other after all. This is indeed disaster that must be averted.

The best way to prevent such disaster in life from occurring is by learning about horoscope matches even before you and the individual with whom you have mutual attraction consider establishing a serious relationship. This is to make sure that you will not take any step further towards greater expectations. It is a fact that most people who have been hurt much by failed relationships are those who also put too much expectation on these. When you think that you will be together with your loved one for as long as you are alive, it will surely be difficult for you to overcome the pain once your relationship ends. People who take their romantic relationships lightly, on the other hand, do not face such possibilities. This does not mean that you should not be serious in your relationship though. Instead, you just have to make sure that you and your partner are really compatible before you take your relationship to a higher level.


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