Golf: The Game for a Lifetime

Golf truly is the greatest game in the world. Golf is the true test of patience, emotional stability, and can provide years of fun, if you allow it!

Golf is inherently a challenge. You have attacked a game that cannot be mastered. Nobody has ever had the perfect round! It doesn’t matter how good you become, you want to get better! This game can frustrate even the most talented individuals and drive mere mortals crazy!!

These statements are true, but don’t let that be a deterrent to your pursuit of the greatest game of all! There are so many great things about the game of golf, and becoming a better player is not as far off as it may seem.

My first recommendation to anyone desiring to get better is to not take it too serious. Work hard and put in the time and effort to become better, but do not ever let the game define your mood, and keep the game in perspective. It’s a game! One of the most important of the statements listed above is that no matter how good you become, you always want to get better. That is one of the hardest aspects of the game that people need to understand. When you begin the game, your best shots bring you back. Everything is relative in this game F95ZONE, as in life. One player’s great shot, is a terrible shot for another player, and as you improve, you always have to learn to deal with bad shots.

Golf is a game of misses and dealing with that disappointment is key to finding enjoyment from the game, or finding anguish! You will always hit poor shots in this game. You will always have to deal with a certain level of disappointment with this game. You will always feel that you could have shot a better score than you did!

This what makes the game a challenge and this is what can drive some golfers to the nut house! However, this game brings such enjoyment to so many players, and never put yourself into the category of player that allows the game to drive them crazy!

The people in this sport are all connected by such a unique pursuit. The flight of the ball! The inner demons that challenge your mental strength! The beauty that surrounds you every round! There are so many unique elements to this game that bring enjoyment to those that are involved. Not everyone needs to play on the PGA or LPGA Tour. Enjoy the game! Have Fun! This game makes the ball fly farther than any other sport and if you take the mentality on of enjoyment rather than frustration, your game will improve!

Enjoy the surroundings, the pursuit of perfection, the camaraderie of your partners, and remember your good shots. Everyone hits poor shots, but it is those that have the ability to forget, that will succeed and find more enjoyment in the game.


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