5 Games to Sharpen Up Your Brain

Many of us love to play different kinds of games, for exercising time that would help us make our body the “slenda” shape, some would go play the for just hanging out with friends and some would just play for them to relax their mind from the stressful world of work. Didn’t you know that all of those games can help you sharpen up your brain? According to the father of game theory, John von Neumann, games are mathematical analysis of any situation involving a conflict of interest that will lead to a desired outcome which is to WIN. Here are some examples of games that can help you feed your brains.

SUDOKU – I know you would think that this game is for the MATH ADDICTS due to the existence of numbers F95zone. Think again! This game really has nothing to do with math. It is one of the popular games in the newspaper. Some social networks applications have also this kind of game, it also has a book which contain numerous puzzles from easy to medium then to hard, and even various competitions was made to test an individual’s capacity in solving this puzzled game. The objective of this game is to fill up the 9×9 grid so that each column, row, and the nine 3×3 boxes contains the digit from 1 to 9. There are already numbers in the puzzle filled for you to start the game. Initially, you need to cross-hatch with means you must identify which line in a region may contain a certain number. Do this process with the columns. Then, do the counting. This involves counting 1 to 9 in the different box areas, rows, and columns while looking for missing numbers. The best way to learn sudoku is to be attentive and to keep on playing sudoku. It maybe this tough but it will surely strengthen your brain.

BOOKWORM – This game is designed for those who love to play with WORDS and LETTERS. Like sudoku this game is also popular in websites, though it can never be found in any newspaper for it is a computer-generated game. Through the use of your mouse, you can then link the letters together to form a word, you can raise your score and climb levels with this fun game. There are 52 tiles, each tile has a corresponding letter on which you would use to form a word. Once the word has been formed, click “Submit”, and then you can earn an equivalent point for each word that you have created and begin filling the bookshelf above the worm’s head. Only those tiles which are next to each other may be linked together. Watch out for the red and green tiles which will also begin to fall. Red tiles should be used immediately before it reaches the bottom and ends your game. Green tiles will give you extra points when you use them in a word. Same procedure will be made for the next level. So load your brain with words and play BOOKWORM.

CROSSWORD PUZZLE – If you don’t have computers at home to play Bookworm, then ask your mom or your dad if they have newspaper, grab a pen or pencil and look for crossword puzzle. You can also buy a copy of some crossword puzzle books in your leading bookstore. This puzzle game is commonly used by English teachers to enhance and test the vocabulary ability of their students. The rule of the game is to answer the puzzle’s question and fill it in inside the right grids. Look for multiples in clues such as “France”. You may put E in the last position to determine the adjacent words. You must also observe and remember the tenses (past, present, and future) taught by your English teacher for you to fill the right word correctly. Increase your vocabulary skills and go play CROSSWORD PUZZLE.

RUBIK’S CUBE – Try to solve this one and you will feel like you are the most intelligent person ever made in this world after finishing the game. This is the world’s top puzzle game and is not much similar with the 3 games mentioned above. Testing your patience and mental ability is the objective of this game. There are different ways on how to solve this puzzle, and was thus discovered independently by the cube’s player. According to  the most popular method was developed by David Singmaster and published in the book Notes on Rubik’s “Magic Cube” in 1981. This solution involves solving the Cube layer by layer, in which one layer (designated the top) is solved first, followed by the middle layer, and then the final and bottom layer. After practice, solving the Cube layer by layer can be done in under one minute. There are six color-sticker attached to this cube and each corresponding color must be compile in one side. A pivot mechanism enables each face to turn independently, which tend to mix all the different colors of the cube, until you will finished the puzzle. So guy’s what are waiting for? Grab a RUBIK’S cube and solve this puzzle in your own way.

CHESS -When we say MIND game Strategy-testing game, what comes directly in our wits is CHESS. The undying, forever present, world class, royal game is the best description for this game. It is the favorite game of the royalties in the world. Before the modern era has captured our world, the royalties use to play this game in order to enhance their ability to capture their rival kingdom. They can relate with this game, as this is like a story of their life and their different functions in the kingdom as well. It is a two-player game, on which you and your contender control an army comprised of eight pawns and eight pieces such as one king, one queen, two rooks, two bishops, and two knights. The white moves first, and then alternate turns. If your man moved in a square occupied by your opponent’s man, then it’s captured. The only exception is when the king is checkmated. The player who will succeed in capturing the king will be the winner. Strategy with a dip of critical thinking will be the best partner for a player in order to win the game. What are you waiting for? Look now and find a chessboard, ask your friend and use your critical thinking ability.


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