Xanga – Yet Another Social Networking Website

Xanga is a blogging and social networking website and owned by Xango Inc., New York. It started in 1998 initially for sharing books and music reviews. At present this website has an estimated 40 million members.

Xanga is rated as 531st most visited website in the world by Alexa internet rating. This social networking website is released to public in the year 2000 although started in 1998. Members of it can use it for web logging, photo blogging, audio and video blog and also a social networking profile.

Membership can be basic free membership and also two types of paid membership;premium and premium plus catering. Premium memberships differ from free by allowing more storage space and also premium members do not see advertisements on their profile. Premium members can also customize with additional skins.

Xanga offered the web log feature from November, 2000. User can subscribe to other members web logs to get notified of updates. Comment feature was also added from December, 2000.

Photo uploading feature was started from May, 2001. Only premium members are allowed to use photo uploading initially and limited to 20MB space. Premium user space was increased to 1 GB of photo storage from August, 2005. Free users are allowed to upload photos up to 200 MB of space.

This website introduced audio and video blogging on September, 2006 and August 2006 respectively and has initial limited support for member profile and had no support for social networking features such as friends list and getting notified about your friends updates. Member profiles were revamped on August, 2006 to support the social networking features.

To cater different regions, this website has multi-language support, the languages supported at present are: Chinese, Spanish, Indonesian, Japanese and Korean. There are different privacy options available such as ‘Xanga Lock’-which allows to lock a member profile and any visitor should login to view it.

Current usage:

Xanga at present is used for web log and social networking. The web log feature can be as: photolog, video blog and audio blog. Social networking through Xanga is similar to other social websites and offer details about the member, his friends list, and profile picture. The normal member was allowed to upload up to 3 profile pictures while premium member can upload up to 99 photos.

Blogs can contain different types as mentioned above. Photo blog allows you to use photos to express your thought or idea rather than text. Similarly audio and video blog use the respective media to express instead of text. Members can flag a member profile as inappropriate so it can be reviewed by Xanga employees and may delete it.

Xanga offers its members web log and social networking platform. Members can do different types of blogging ranging from simple text to video blog. Regular user of Xanga is also given a photo space of 1 GB and can upload 100 MB of photos per month and premium member gets 10 GB for image hosting

Members can customize his profile completely by modifying customizing the HTML and background images similar to MySpace. Members can lock their profile using “Xanga Lock” so that only logged in user can view it. Using Friend Lock, a member can lock his profile to everyone expect for his friends.

Xanga members can also report content or profile as inappropriate by clicking on Report Inappropriate Content link on a page. Members can join blog ring. A blog ring is community of Xanga bloggers and when joined its members are notified of any new blogs posted.


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