Lunch Catering

Just imagine how tricky it was for our ancestors to have a meal – hunting for a potential meal source out in the unpredictable jungle; taking the hunt back to the tribe; and eventually splitting the food into bite-size pieces.

But those were the exploits of those before us. Now, it is the food that comes to the people; rather than the individuals catering searching for and running after their meals. Truly, this generation has shifted 360-degrees.

What is lunch catering? Lunch catering has become the most convenient approach of food ordering. Lunch caterers make it simpler for individuals to set up a mass dining experience. They meet all of the food needs of the people from choosing the food selection to cleaning up the dishes. The only issue the customer has is paying the charge. After that, they have nothing to be concerned about. Lunch catering services can be arranged anytime during the afternoon.

What are the stages of a catering business? Lunch catering companies follow a certain procedure with small features differing due to competition. The procedure starts with the orders. This is the step where the client chooses what food they wish to be offered at the event. This part also may include billing; even though some favor post-service billing. Order in catering, very different from fast food and fine dining, requires a lot of time prior to food service. Normally for major events like weddings, it requires about a month or two period between placing your order and receiving the food service. Some caterers generally offer a more flexible schedule for competition reasons. Some could book a lunch catering service even a day prior to the occasion. The next task in line for the caterers is the planning. The preparation involves the materialization of the menu from the paper to the table. The planning phase can also include the utensils and beautification of the venue. Cooking the meal beforehand is also part of the preparation process. The last phase of the catering process is the service proper in which the servers and all the catering manpower serve the guests. This part involves serving, cooking, and cleaning the used utensils. Some lunch caterers use an on-the-spot grill or skillet so the food served can have the appeal of the people.

What occasions call for lunch catering services? Graduations, weddings, and birthday parties are a few of the typical events that require the help of luncheon caterers. Caterers however do not specifically point-out which occasions should be accommodated at a certain time of a day. This means that it can accommodate any type of event there is. The catering process is the same in every time of the day. The only distinction there would be among breakfast, lunch, and dinner catering services would be the food because there are certain meals suitable for each time of the day.


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