Monster High Dolls – Not Your Typical Dolls

Monster High Dolls from Mattel are so freakishly weird yet so fashionable at the same time you will either love them or hate. These dolls are the teenage children of the monsters we all love to hate or love. They are attending Monster High school and experience all the challenges like normal teenagers do らぶどーる. The Monster High Dolls are definitely a unique approach to dolls.

Recommended for the ages 6-12 I would certainly only recommend that you purchase for ages on the older side of the spectrum for several reasons. One of them includes the fact that the dolls are amazingly fragile and will not withstand the pulling and tugging younger children. I am serious, these dolls must be handled with care. Aside from that there are small parts so this is a definite no, no with small children in the house.

Each purchase includes the doll, a pet, brush, stand, accessory and a diary with a secret code used for unlocking specific things on the website. Mattel, have really created a franchise around these dolls that they will be building upon in the upcoming months. In fact if you purchase one doll for your child she may want to collect them all since each doll is unique in both style and freaky flaw.

The Monster High story surrounds Frankie Stein daughter of Frankenstein. She forms a fast friendship with Draculaura, daughter of Dracula and Clawdeen Wolf, daughter of The Werewolf. Characters also include Cleo de Nile (the mean girl), daughter of The Mummy, Deuce Gorgon (Cleo’s boyfriend), son of Medusa and Lagoona Blue daughter of the Sea Monster. The Lagoona Blue dolls are rare dolls so grab them when you get the chance. All dolls are fully articulated.

Well, for me the dolls took some time to grow on me. Some may immediately be drawn to them while others may not like their looks at all. They are very different from your typical dolls. Many will argue that this is a good thing and I agree. I can see that in time these dolls will be huge just based on the plans in development for the franchise.


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