An Online MBA Degree, Two Years Later

When it comes to career advancement, performance is only half the equation. The other half is education online mba. But who has time to get a higher degree? Fortunately, self-paced online programs are helping more and more working adults build their credentials.

One of those working professionals is Amye Cole, Senior Admissions Counselor at Sierra Nevada College in Incline Village, Nevada. In 2005, Amye decided to go back to school for her MBA–while working full time. It’s been almost two years since she completed her online MBA program, and in that time she’s changed jobs, taken on more responsibility, and seen her career blossom. She talks about her online MBA experience and how it’s helped her come into her own in the business world.

My undergraduate degree is in the humanities–in Religious Studies, with a concentration in gender issues. It’s such a focused degree and has no direct application to the job I do now. I felt I needed to build skills I could use in a business context. My job involves management and strategy, and I work closely with the marketing department. The MBA offered an opportunity to build my formal training in these fields.

Why did you choose an online program?At the time I lived in a small town, and there weren’t any MBA programs within driving distance. Also, I chose an online degree because of the variable hours. I needed to work on my own time schedule because I travel a lot.

I needed the flexible schedule of an online program. There are a lot of online MBA programs out there. How did you choose yours?I looked for accreditation. As a college admissions counselor, I know how important accreditation is. The school I chose is accredited by four boards. It’s based out of Salt Lake City.


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