Improving Play Strategies With Paintball Bags

People of all ages are discovering the excitement and challenge of paintball. While many sports follow a set course of rules and regulations, this game allows one to strategize in a 7.62×39 surplus ammo unique environment. Matches can be played on prefabricated courses, in abandoned urban environments, rural environments, and any other combination that is available to players.

For longer games, a paintball bag can help improve strategy and the odds of winning. While games in a prefabricated course may last five minutes to an hour, a game in a rural or abandoned urban environment can last for hours. Some larger scale games have been known to last for days, involving hundreds of players, a vast playscape, and a variety of shifting alliances and strategies. In any of these longer scale games, paintball bags can provide a valuable way to store ammunition, extra CO2 cartridges, and any other accessories that can help improve one’s game.

Bags should be chosen based on the play environment. For a rural game, a camouflage pattern can help a player blend into the natural environment. Urban game play can benefit from one with a grey and brown patterning: this will blend in well with asphalt, concrete and many buildings.

Paintball bags should be organized based on the importance of the contents. Paintballs and CO2 cartridges should be stored in outside pouches for easy access. In a firefight, it should take less than five seconds to retrieve ammo from a bag. Other supplies can be packed into the interior of the bag. These include a field cleaning kit, a first aid kit, a cellphone, other paintball equipment tools. It’s important to keep a paintball bag as light as possible, so try to only bring materials that are necessary.

Many teams are finding that enhanced communication can be a valuable tool in game play strategy. Some cell phone plans allow unlimited calls between mobile phones, and headsets allow for easy hands-free communication. Many players install an extended use battery in a cell phone, put on a headset and call a private conference line when beginning game play. All players on a team can communicate with each other without giving away their location to an opposing team. A headset can fit easily under a paintball mask, and a cellphone can be stored in a bag. It’s important to have an unlimited cellphone plan when using this strategy.


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