The Best Way to Clean Your Face For People Over 50

Once you turn 50, you can expect your complexion gradually become duller and dryer. You may look tired even if you feel energetic. The sun damage from the past decades may show age spots on your face and the back of your hands. The uneven skin tone and blood vessels seem more apparent in the cheeks and nose areas. All these are telling you, you need to care the skin with additional attention. And skin cleansing is the first step of skin care regimen.

For majority of people in the 50s, your skin is dryer than ever before. Switch to a milk-based or creamier skin cleansing product will help you retain the skin’s own lipids (fatty acids). The natural lipids give your face plumpness and healthy glow. It is not necessary to use a cleanser with anti aging agents such as antioxidants because these ingredients will stay on the face for only about 15 seconds before being washed away. The best facial cleanser for your skin is a pH-balanced cleanser. A cleanser with pH around 5.5 is ideal for skin cleansing to maintain skin health. A pH-balanced skin is healthy, vital and less irritable by foreign agents. Alkaline soap or strong cleanser are too harsh for your face and may cause inflammation.

Wash your face no more than twice a day with lukewarm water. Hot water will remove the natural lipid on the face and further dry up the skin. Use your fingers gently to wash the face. Do not rub with wash cloth to prevent further stretching.

To expedite your skin cleansing effort, exfoliate your skin once a week. Choose an exfoliating formula with round, soft grains or a chemical exfoliator with alpha 保濕精華 hydroxy acid or fruit enzymes. Exfoliating speeds up your slowing cell turnover rate, and increases the absorption and penetration of your face cream. When you exfoliate at night before you put on your anti-aging skin treatment, you can have a “beauty sleep” while your skin is receiving the maximum benefit of your night cream.

For women during perimenopause, it is not uncommon that you may have acne issue again. Acne is a hormonal problem. During the time when the hormonal systems are changing, you may have acne around the mouth and jawline. Your best facial cleanser still should be a gentle and pH balanced skin cleansing gel or lotion to help calm your skin. Since most of acne products in the market are for teenage skin, it is a good idea to consult your dermatologist. Prescription retinoid may help perimenopausal acne.

Skin is the biggest organ and the barrier between us and the outside world. Keeping it clean, hydrated and protected with sunscreen should be part of your daily routine. Take good care of you skin, and it will take care of you for the next few decades to come.


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